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Ron Paul at New Hampshire Grocery Store - 12/1/2011 - Talking Newt Ad

Ron Paul at New Hampshire grocery store talking about his Newt ad - 12/1/2011


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Freedom's Champ Goes to the Grocery Store

You gotta love that our man is an everyday man. Ron goes to the grocery store and if someone there recognizes him, Ron talks with him. I bet he puts on his pants how we do too, one leg at a time. Awesome. Ron's the champ.

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Good grief. Cute visits to grocery stores and

nursing homes ain't gonna get it Dr. Paul the nomination.

If I was running this campaign I would rent the biggest venue in the state, for say Jan 3rd, and have an ANTI-WAR rally. Invite Ralph Nader, Naomi Wolf, Bernie Sanders, Jon Huntsman, Judge Nap, Jesse Ventura, lots of music and MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!


ya take our money and go party with liberals that don't even

vote for him


just save up and go surfing with ventura in mexico

It should be obvious that the key

to winning the GOP primary in NH is the vote of the UNENROLLED voters. They are the majority party and are allowed to vote in either party. McCain won last time, NOT by winning a majority of GOP voters, but by winning the unenrolled vote. So did Obama.

Dr.Paul's "crossover" policy that appeals to many of these voters is his anti-war message. PEACE through PROSPERITY. Get this in the news and get their votes. Simple. Now granted some of these folks are hanging out in grocery stores but I'm thinking there might be a more efficient way to get the message out.



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A real silver dime will still

A real silver dime will still buy a loaf of bread at that grocery store.
Wouldn't it be great to be grocery shopping and run into Dr. Paul??!!

That's a pretty expensive

That's a pretty expensive loaf of bread! Could probably throw in an apple or two, as well.

It's simply amazing what "We

It's simply amazing what "We the People" can do with a home video phone and a computer! I have found these little home videos to be far more informative at times than the mainstream media because the people actually allow Dr. Paul to speak. We want to hear what wisdom has to say. I'm going to share this with my friends and family. Thanks!

I wish I'd have been at that

I wish I'd have been at that store!!

Ron would have been mortified to see my cart though.


he-hee, yes...

...it DID start with him in the VEGETABLES (probably organic) section, didn't it?? (as I sit here trying to decide whether to have a second quesadilla for breakfast)

For the "non-southwestern" among us, quesadilla = heated tortilla covered with melted cheese (and for me, with Salsa for "nutrition" and extra spiciness)

Stamping Ground, KY

If he came to my hometown of Stamping Ground, I could get him a soap box at the local Bradley's IGA, and he could preach to a very favorable audience!

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This is great!!!

Clips like this are wonderful. I hope more people get to see this.

whoa!! That lady's grandchildren will be...

...showing this video to her great-grandchildren!!

"Look at this... your great-grandma once grocery-shopped with the man who saved the USA for us!!"


for the doctor in the house.

Thanks for posting

I love watching videos of Ron Paul just being himself. Wish he would show up at my local grocery store!

Ron Paul will show up at all of our...

...local supermarkets when he is President and SOUND money gives us a bigger bag of food-per-dollar :-)