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Is it time for an 'Open Letter' from Paul supporters appealing to Rush, Palin, et al.?

With the release of the Campaign's 'Serial Hypocrisy' video, I'm wondering if now is the time for us to appeal for the support of some big names in the GOP.

I know some 'don't want their support' - but I don't see it that way. Endorsements are basically one-way streets.

With Rush being 'featured' in the Hypocrisy video, we might have his attention already. Palin is an obvious choice. Anyone else? No Bill O'Reilly's please.

Who else is there for them to support? Even Perry is a stretch - but to me, that is the only one left.

The iron is hot - and now is the time to strike!

This wouldn't be an appeal to change their mind on foreign affairs - it would be an appeal for their support of the ONLY conservative in the race. The first one to endorse him wins our love! Appeal to their revolutionary desires - they could turn the tide - be a true part of the upcoming revolution!

So - if this is a worthy idea, I think we should draft someone to draft such a letter. Come up with a few more individuals to 'target' - and make it happen quickly.

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Various tea-party groups...

But many of them are bought and sold already.