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How multi-billionares see our Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents

There is a phrase that you may already know, but let’s review it. That phrase is "Carry the water for". In political matters this means that politician is carrying one of 3 things: A) some tax issue, B) a legal piece of legislation, or C) a general policy position. Which is to say, all politicians are Brokers and their "worth" and value is "their ability to get deals done". If a politician is good at A, B, or C, they are truly among the top elite sought after politicians - sought after by multi-billionaires & their companies. Of course they are approached by "Lobbyists" which are nearly always large law firms.

Next, there are two kinds of politicians. The best kind are those on the inside who have a proven record "of carrying the water (for some unnamed person) and getting deals done (for that unnamed person".

Let’s make up a totally hypothetical example.

Let’s say the multi-billionaire William Barron Hilton I would like to put up a nice new Hilton resort on the industrial docks in the City of Miami. The city owns the land and docks and repeated inquires by Hilton's legal team have shown that the City is not interested in selling, they would rather grow its import shipping tax base. Other Hilton Hotel competitors, such as Hyatt and Best Western have been "sniffing around" (via their pet Commercial Brokers & attorneys) but not much has come of it. But now it turns out that La Maridian Resorts, owned/controlled by the Barry Sternlicht, Starwood Capital Group has give $250,000 to the reelection campaign of Senator Bill Nelson. It matter zero, zilch, nothing at all that Bill Nelson is a "democrat" or that Bill Nelson has "promised" this or that on the campaign trail. All that matters is that Bill Nelson is the go to guy and a proven "deal maker" who has AGREED TO CARRY THE WATER for Barry. That water is, get La Maridian that old Miami industrial dock so it can be converted to a shinning new hotel resort area. That means somewhere, somehow, in some bill that Senator Nelson can touch, he will make sure "the deal gets done".

Now several things could happen. Federal Funds going to the State of Florida can come with a string attached, some can come saying less funds for City of Miami (upon which time the cities attorneys will be called upon to find out why and they will discover that the pain of the missing funds "maybe coming because of the cities refusal to play ball on the industrial park redevelopment and or the high price they want for it). Or some hugely popular bill that sounds good to the general public and sounds good to the President is going through and needs Senator Nelson to "get on board" with it. Nelson is holding out - you can forget the public reasons- he is holding out until the "water he is carrying" gets added into the Pork of that popular bill. Perhaps it will mean more money for the Florida and thus the City of Miami, but Senator Nelson has told the City attorneys that "he needs their help" and that means, an agreement to let go of the industrial site for hotel development in exchange for even more federal funds coming down to the City. Perhaps to get the City Mayor and City council on board, they can fulfill their promises to "redevelop our blighted areas" and thus look good to the voters.

Conrad Hilton does not "like what he hears" and so, Conrad contributes $350,000 to Senator Nelson's reelection campaign to get him to "stop carrying the water", or pays some Washington law firm full of lobbyists to "carry the water" for Mr. Hilton. Now that Washington law firm chosen by Conrad is done like a master chess player plays chess. He chooses Hillary Clinton's old law firm for various reasons. That law firm has shown to be able to "bring Senator Nelson and other democrats on board" ie stop or control the senator. Perhaps they have something on him. No doubt they do. Perhaps its something the senator REALLY wants, and so its a trade. Perhaps its film footage that can "go YouTube" at any time with full "plausible deny-ability" as to where it came from. The explosive YouTube is of Senator doing something with minors of the same sex 200 miles of the coast in a "boat party". Doubt it? Think back to presidential contender Herman Cain, potential presidential contender attorney General of New York Eliot Spitzer, and presidential contender Gary Hart - who was spotted on a boat with "the other woman". And do not for a second think this is "small stuff", think JFK and all his womanizing, mob involvement, and the fact that HE DID NOT KNOW that during the "Cuban Missile Crises" that his "blockade" was pointless because the Soviets already had 134 NUCLEAR WARHEADS on the Cuban island.

The point being, Conrad Hilton pays for other politicians – in office or as lobbyist -- to "Carry his water".
Now Conrad Hilton is “small potatoes” in the world of Sovereigns. Conrad’s wealth has not come from the Military Industrial Banking Complex. For those that do, using the CIA and the FBI and many other organizations are at your disposal.

Above I wrote that there are two kinds of politicians. Well perhaps there are 3. The Second kind is the new politician who has NO PROVEN HISTORY of GETTING DEALS DONE for anyone. Freshman Senators and Congressmen quickly sense that they are powerless next to other "equal members". Those that figure out why soon learn how to play the game: Find lobbyists who need you to "Carry the Water" for them and most of all, hope and pray it gets it gets done. If it does get done, you can then be said to be a Congressman or Senator "who gets deals done". Ever notice the gang pile with Pork? This is "getting deals done" for those whom they are carrying water. Now the young Congressman may not know or believe that he has been bought, but he has. Let me give you an example.

First, another fictional example. Think of some small town, say a town with 20,000 people in it and town is perhaps the biggest town in a congressional district. Its a "backwater" and not nearly as "important" as those congressmen that come from well populated cities. Not so fast. The town's two biggest businesses, a furniture manufacture and a large car dealership, "sponsored" this new Congressman's campaign. His campaign amassed over $250,000, far outstripping the local popular English teacher and her $12,000 budget, the old town mayor who was well known with his self financed campaign with $90,000. The 3 way race, this new "out of nowhere" Congressman entered the race, had the "right connections" and "got the campaign cash" and won the house seat. So this new Congressmen, young, just 5 years out of law school, leaves his law firm for Congress.

Now perhaps he does plan on doing good things for his district" and perhaps he is very happy that not once did the auto dealership or the furniture manufacture "put pressure" or even hint at what they wanted -- they just "liked him". When he gets there he finds out how "weak" he is among other Congressmen who are "former" attorneys just like him. A well known and popular lobbyist calls him up one day and he takes the call gladly because in his college days he had seen the great House Leader and besides, he knows that he went to the same University Law school once upon a time. So the call comes to comes to the young Congressman, eager to "get deals done". The lobbyist says, I'm sending over by secured channels the legislation we've written and we need you to carry our water on this one, are you in?" --- "What is about?" -- "What do YOU mean what is it? Ha, ha, ha. You are a freshman! Look greeny, I will give you this. I am playing golf two months from today. Its a Friday game and we need a 4th player. We'll be with the Senator from your State Atty, and the President's assistant aid, and a good friend from our old University that I want you to meet. Are you in?"

At that point we will learn what kind of Politician he will become. The clueless who keep asking "What’s in the bill?" or the one who is out "to get deals done" and become powerful. The clueless are not clueless for long. They soon see how the game is played.

The third kind of politician is so very rare, that it really should not count, and that is the Ron and Rand Paul's. They are NOT there to "Get deals done". Nor are they Clueless freshman. So the whole system does not know what to make or think of them. They do not know how to handle them. And Billionaires can ignore them as simply not powerful politicians who "can get deals done".

Now let me continue with our naive freshman Congressman. He goes to lunch and finds that he's got a message from the old lobbyist about his golf game. The message is that the legislation that he needs must be added in to a defense appropriations bill and he needs his "help". It must be added by the end of next week and hopes to see him for golf in two months. He correctly assumes, if he fails to add it in - word for word - heck, don't even bother reading it - there will be no golf game. So he adds it in. He also learns over lunch with this delivery messenger who is also trading information that it was a law firm that has among its clients the Hilton Hotels that "gave assistance" to a struggling furniture manufacturer and auto dealership "that needed help". Now if he is quick, he will immediately see "whose water he is carrying".

Attorneys are pretty quick about such things and this is why his law firm chose -- suggested to him - that he "run for congress". It might have struck him as strange that the heads of his law firm where die-hard republicans and he was an "admitted democrat", but now he is starting to sense the irrelevance of it all. Those slaps on the back and big smiles from the partners at his old law office meant, 'we like doing business and we want to do more business like this'. The freshman congressman may think to quickly ask, "did my old law firm get any money or just the furniture and auto businesses?" If he does ask, he would quickly learn, "No of course not. You came to us because those two big firms use your old law firm." If the freshman congressmen would ask how much the law firm that has Hilton as a client paid and if he could get an answer (which he won't), he would learn the rate is 5 to 1. Meaning, $5 dollars gets spent and one Dollar goes to the campaign of the future Congressman. The other 4 dollars goes into various pockets along the way. But now that the new freshman congressman his here, "how do you like it?" is the big question one everyone's lips. How do you like it? really means, How MUCH do you like it and how much are you willing to trade for it. If you like it a lot, "what do you have to trade" and "what deals do you want to do?"

But before you can begin doing deals you need to be "carrying somebody's water". Over lunch the our freshmen congressman has learned that he's carrying the water for Hilton. If he is curious, he might be able to find out who else is carrying their water. If he is effective with his two years in office, he will find "more water to carry" because once Hilton gets his legal language into that defense appropriations bill, his usefulness is done. Reelection is just around the corner. And half of the people vote "republican".

Billionaires like Hillary Clinton and they like Barack Obama and they like John McCain and all for the same reason: they are proven "deal makers". This is how they see the Congress, the Senate, and the Presidency. They see these people as "deal makers" who can or cannot "carry their water" for them. The DO NOT see these people, like they do not see YOU AND ME, as Sovereign Individuals. No, we citizens are as you know, "law abiding taxpaying-welfare using serfs”, we are as Paris Hilton likes to call us, "pets". They see our Congressmen, our Senators, and our President as either “good” or “bad” ‘deal makers’ who will "Carry their Water" for them, but they DO NOT see these people as SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUALS either.

What are Sovereign Individuals? Sovereign Individuals have always been with us. They were the Kings and Emperors of old of course, but they were also the Dukes, the Earls, the Lords, the Princes and the Prince, the Marqess, the Viscounts, and the Barons. Such titles in the past conveyed what one had to gain one’s sovereign status.

Sovereign individuals today are not titled. Nor are they Presidents of countries or nor are they presidents of billion dollar corporations. Those Presidents are simply well paid serfs, but serfs never the less. Sovereign Individuals can raise their own armies. Sovereign Individuals control the law and make the law. Sovereign Individuals are simply sovereign to themselves and answer to nobody. Their own laws, police, and military protect them, along with millions of non-sovereign individuals-individuals who “do deals” and “carry their water” for them.

As you already know, the most powerful Sovereign Individuals are those that control the world banking cartel, the Federal Reserve. But they are not without competition from other Sovereign Individuals who are OUTSIDE of that banking system.

How do Sovereign Individuals see Sovereign Individuals who are OUTSIDE of the banking system?; As competitors, as ‘friendly enemies” and not so friendly enemies.

Those Sovereign Individuals that arose out of the Middle East either played by the banking cartel rules, or found themselves hanged like Saddam, killed like Kaddafi, tracked down and shot like Osama Bin Laden or threatened with nuclear annihilation like those in Iran. Those Sovereign Individuals that do not do what is suggested’, such as those in China, such as get rid of Kim in North Korea and tie your banking system to the dollar, set themselves up for a COLD WAR with the America-European access. It’s all a part of the “New Great Game” - look it up. While many are fretting about “the European Debt Crisis” and asking “What will the big banks do?”, they have already answered that with their NATO: They invaded and killed Kaddafi – a Sovereign Individual, and took his countries gold and oil. These things will be the backing that the European banking “system” needs. Europe gets Libya, the USA gets Iraq & Iran to add to their Saudi Arabia – those Sovereign Individuals are not called dictators but are “Royal Family” since FDR made the trade of oil for American Military protection. Those Sovereign Individuals – all 5 of them – from Japan have been essentially America’s good mistress, doing her bidding in her UN and other organizations.

Now China’s rise has come at a double-cross with China’s Sovereign Individuals. These Chinese Sovereigns have played the game, bought dollar debt but never “fully converted” to the whole game. Now there is lots, and I mean lots of oil in the South China sea. Japan, the mistress who has been begging quietly for help for 20 years from her Sovereign suitor has grown tired of being ignored. She has made lots of Chinese friends and those friends have asked her to kick out the Americans from Okinawa. Hence President Obama has carried the water and made a new military base in Darwin Australia and proclaimed the South China sea as America’s to rule.

Russia’s new Sovereigns are not out of the game yet. Both Russia and Canada and America have oil “plans” for the open seas around the North Pole.
So how do Sovereign individuals look at libertarianism? With humor. How do they see Ron Paul? As Don Quote swinging at windmills. It’s obvious to all that Mankind is NOT sovereign. It obvious from ten thousand years of his history and it’s obvious if one looks without ideological eyes and stares directly at Mankind and sees him for what he is today. Nothing about Mankind has changed. Mankind seeks to be ruled like domesticated cattle seek to be milked & fed. Indeed, the thought of letting such domesticated human cattle “go” brings out their deepest empathy they have for man, for all they can envision is starvation and death for him. Far better that they oversee his care, for Mankind has long since given up his wild status and chosen a domesticated path for himself, much like the cow, the chicken or like the friendly dog. Sure, dogs can go wild, but most would starve to death in their quest to be sovereign and “wild again”. Libertarians who pine for “all of man to be sovereign” and posit their theories that he is, are pining for something that Mankind, at least 10,000 year old “modern man” has never been.

Furthermore, since Sovereign Individuals are correct about this assessment of libertarianism, they need not worry about it at all. Libertarian’s worst enemies will be Mankind himself, as they beg and plead and cajole for “Cradle to Grave” welfare “benefits”. Libertarianism cannot change Mankind how he is, anymore than it can change the domestic dog how he is. If libertarians where able to unlock the keys on the cages of Mankind all the while screaming at the top of his lungs, “You’re Free! You’re free!”, they finish the last cage and look back on what they had done. Then they would see Man cowering in the corner of his cage, fearful to step out “on his own”. Libertarians would, to their shock and horror, hear them clamoring to be made “safe”. And to his horror, he would see Sovereign Individuals easily closing the cage doors with no resistance at all, as he coos them back to calmness with old songs about the Cradle-to-Grave life that they love so much.

How do Sovereign Individuals see warfare and power? They see Mankind as making fundamental changes, culturally, each time a new tool comes along. New technologies, that is new ways of doing things changes the culture. Invent string for the first time and discover the tension it creates on a bowed stick, the culture fundamentally changes. Invent a windmill to a culture that does not have one, the culture fundamentally changes. Add a piece of leather to a horse saddle, and watch warriors walk, march, and fight, (Rome) get literally ran over by culture that invents the stirrup, Genghis Khan. Add a secret coded number into all fiat created money, and literally follow the money from one serf to another serf and fundamentally change the culture. As all serfs must vote with a citizen’s id number, as all serfs must be born with a citizen’s id number, as all transactions soon must be done with an id number, any serf can be “turned off” and so, fundamentally change the culture.

Sovereign Individuals see technology, not ideology, as being the fundamental driver of changes in culture. You may think it was Martin Luther pounding up his paper proclamation to the church door, they see the printing press. You may think it was Hitler’s crazed socialist-fascist ideas, they see it was his new found fast tanks and jet engines. You may think it was Obama’s promise of Change We Can Believe In that makes him a great President, they think it’s his proven ability to “carry the water” and “do deals” while you believe “HE IS TRYING HIS BEST”, his best to bring us “Change We Can Believe In”.
I will leave you all with this easy to answer questions:

Who is Ron Paul “Carrying the water for?”
Who is Rick Perry “carrying the water for”? (That is an easy one, he answered it during a TV debate!)
Who is Michelle Bachman “Carrying the water for?”
Who is Newt Gingrich, “Carrying the water for?”
Who is Mitt Romney, “Carrying the water for?”
Who is Jon Huntsman, “Carrying the water for?”
Who is Herman Cain, “Carrying the water for?”
Who is Rick Santorum, “Carrying the water for?”

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