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Audio for Ron on the Laura Ingraham Show

Anyone have it?

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Ron Paul on the Laura Ingraham Show (12-1-11)

Ron Paul on the Laura Ingraham Show (12-1-11)

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I have never, ever, heard laura Ingraham treat anyone this nice

What a surprise! She usually interrupts her guests but today she was so nice, polite and very attentive ..It just blew me away. I was completely taken off guard..

What the hell is going on?


...she was the "leadoff analyst" on Orally a few minutes ago and would NOT let the windbag slam RP's tactics vs. the Grinch!!

Caution is prudent going forward, BUT... there just MIGHT be "something going on" here.


... has this gal been "born again"? Could she have been any more complementary? Interesting that she says her contacts in Iowa rate Dr. Paul's chances high. Doesn't hurt that her dad is big Ron Paul fan.

We are standing ready with our sacks of dollars - our monthly tithes. He's doing the Lord's work. Can't find a better pastor to give it to.

Plano TX

holy COW!! that was GREAT!!

If this woman could get over her "blood lust" it sounds like she would be every bit as "fanatical" a supporter as ANY of us (seriously).

Stayed away from the "offense/defense" foreign policy issues, so this ranked (to me) as among the most COMPLETELY fair and objective RP spots "ever." Full discussion with no disagreements or interruptions and devoted about FOURTEEN minutes of air-time for Dr. Paul.

Among other things, she mentioned that her DAD, in the 80's and late 70's was a huge Ron Paul guy. Exposed to the TRUTH since a very young girl, so... very sad that the M.I.C. message of "kill before they kill us" has taken over her soul :-(

Wow... I think she better hope Orally doesn't hear this or else her regular spots on his globalist propaganda hour will be very much in jeopardy!!

Man, going to listen again now....

try here...


(maybe look for one that's hooked up with iHeartRadio)

Never mind. That link above from "Skyab23" takes you RIGHT to it. Listening now, so far so good :-)

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bump for audio


Thanks Skyab!

Very positive and very fair. Laura's father is a RP fan or was back in the 70's and early 80's she noted. Perhaps he has passed away by now because I am sure he would still be a supporter today.