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Ron Paul on the Laura Ingraham Show 12/01/2011: Gingrich is "Hypocritical" and "Lives off the Government"

A very respectful interview. Be sure to send Ms. Ingraham a thank you note. We often rally the base to attack hosts who disrespect Dr. Paul, so let's use the same level of effort to thank one who treated him fairly.

Full Interview:


Contact Laura Ingraham:

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I sent a nice thank you!

Told her about my values of being a true conservative and Dr. ROn Paul is the only conservative on stage. ALso told her a lot of Blue Dogs & Independents will be voting for this man come 2012 against Obama.

AGREE!! my comment from other thread...

If this woman could get over her "blood lust" it sounds like she would be every bit as "fanatical" a supporter as ANY of us (seriously).

Stayed away from the "offense/defense" foreign policy issues, so this ranked (to me) as among the most COMPLETELY fair and objective RP spots "ever." Full discussion with no disagreements or interruptions and devoted about FOURTEEN minutes of air-time for Dr. Paul.

Among other things, she mentioned that her DAD, in the 80's and late 70's was a huge Ron Paul guy. Exposed to the TRUTH since a very young girl, so... very sad that the M.I.C. message of "kill before they kill us" has taken over her soul :-(

Wow... I think she better hope Orally doesn't hear this or else her regular spots on his globalist propaganda hour will be very much in jeopardy!!

Man, going to listen again now....

Just sent...

Just sent my thank you, great idea. We need to praise those that embrace Paul if we are going to comndemn those that reject him. Everyone ought to send her a quick email...

I had to thank her via her FB

I had to thank her via her FB page because I've been commenting there about her never mentioning Paul. It's only right.

IMHO, he was on the show because her mktng peeps knew Paul is in fact rising and that her ratings would benefit. A win/win. The FB comments that followed, however, show her loyal fans as being very suspicious of Dr. Paul, throwing around terms like "tin-foil hat," etc.


...I actually sent her a VERY pointed (yet well-mannered) email the last time she maligned the good doctor and I get the feeling quite a few others have as well.

She might not deserve kudos for this interview, but it's definitely an improvement. We'll have to wait and see if the tigress has changed her stripes though.

In the meantime, people should be hitting the FB page and working to defuse the suspicions. Just lay out the truth clearly and calmly. It can't be denied.