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Mark Udall Is Fascist

Udall’s S.Amdt.1112:

At the end of section 1031, add the following:

(f) Extension to United States Citizens and Lawful Resident Aliens.–The authority of the Armed Forces of the United States to detain covered persons under this section extends to citizens of the United States and lawful resident aliens of the United States, except to the extent prohibited by the Constitution of the United States.


This is the real Mark Udall:

Mark Udall and Ron Wyden both voted FOR warrantless wiretaps – twice this year and in the same period they got favorable publicity for coming out against warrantless wiretaps.




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Confusing, but did they pass the whole thing or not?

The bill came out of the committee and was put together in secret w no discussion by Lieberman, McCain & Lindsey Graham. Congressman Amash said that the Udall Ammendment was cleverly written to mislead. Breaking your oath to defend and protect the constitution from all enemies domestic and foriegn? What do you do? What can we say, they are illegimate.
In God We Trust


I was concerned he was going to get unearned hero status.

I just removed the willyloman link

I just read his (Scott Creighton's) post on Ron Paul. Totally screwy on Ron Paul, though right about Udall. I don't want to be an advocate for his site after reading his ridiculous hit piece on Ron Paul.