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Presidential Debate in Myrtle Beach-RSVP Now

The Chairman of my county, Steven Blanton, just called me and said I was the first person he was sending this to. He said he didnt want to be on the Daily Paul as being a bad guy, so I wanted to let you all know!

Dear Fellow Republican,

On January 14-16, 2012, just before our Presidential Primary on January 21st, the South Carolina Republican Party will host an SCGOP Experience Weekend and Presidential Debate in scenic Myrtle Beach.

We want you there!

In less than one year, the State Party will have hosted THREE separate Presidential debates. These debates have generated an incredible amount of positive interest in South Carolina, and three debates in one Presidential cycle is the most ever hosted by our State Party.

Next up, our debate in Myrtle Beach is going to be one of the biggest events in our party’s history. We have an entire weekend of events planned including a charity golf tournament, a charity concert, a 7th Congressional District debate, the “SCGOP Experience” at Broadway at the Beach, a prayer breakfast and more. Many of these events are FREE.

Won't you join us?

Thank you for your leadership, and I hope your family is filled with the many blessings of Christmas during this joyful season.


Chad Connelly
SCGOP Chairman

P.S. Ticket/Sponsorship options are below:

Ticket/Sponsorship Options Include:

ALL Events Below (including 2 Presidential Debate Tickets) plus TWO FREE NIGHTS at a nearby hotel ($500)

ALL Events Below (including 2 Presidential Debate Tickets) plus THREE FREE NIGHTS at a nearby hotel ($600)

10:00 AM Saturday - Charity Golf Tournament (includes Golf and Lunch for $100)

7:00 PM Saturday - FREE Charity Concert featuring Celebrity Guests at Broadway at the Beach

All Day Sunday and Monday - FREE SCGOP Experience, an exhibition with vendors, food, and entertainment at Broadway at the Beach

8:30 AM Sunday - FREE South Carolina Faith and Freedom Coalition Prayer Breakfast

2:00 PM Sunday - Women's "Tea," featuring prominent Republican women and spouses of the 2012 candidates ($25)

7:00 PM Sunday - FREE 7th Congressional District Candidate Debate

8:00 AM Monday - Energy and Innovation Breakfast Forum, moderated by elected leaders ($25 per person)

12:00 PM Monday - SCGOP Chairman's Luncheon honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ($25 per person)

6:00 PM Monday - Pre-Debate Reception ($250 per couple, includes Debate Admission for TWO, food and beverages)

9:00 PM Monday - RESERVED Silver Elephant Admission at "First in the South" Presidential Debate ($120 per person - a Silver Elephant membership)

9:00 PM Monday - NON-RESERVED Admission to the "First in the South" Presidential Debate (Subject to availability - admission will be by lottery)

11:00 PM Monday - Post-Debate Sponsor Reception ($250 per couple, includes food and beverages)

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Hey S.C. get your S.C. GOP Debate tickets now

People who pay $120 for a state Silver level Republican Party membership will get a guaranteed seat.

Bump for what looks to be a

Bump for what looks to be a great holiday (especially if you golf)..


If the Paul campaign bought a couple of hundred of tickets and sold them at discounted prices then we would be able to make a great showing.

would be


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