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RevolutionPac teams up with Golden State to bomb itunes


RevPac teams up with Golden State to Bomb itunes

We’re happy to announce that RevPAC has teamed up with Golden State to help get the word out about their amazing new song ‘Bombs (The Ron Paul Song)’
The goal is to get Golden State’s ‘Bombs (The Ron Paul Song)’ to #1 this Christmas during the week starting December 16-25.
If you want to help, we need 10,000 people to buy the song 20 times. You can also give the song as a gift on iTunes (find the ‘Gift this Song’) under the ‘Buy’ button’s dropdown menu)–’tis the season!

Share, tweet, digg the video as much as you can. And be sure to “Like” the official Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ronpaulitunesbomb.

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I dont think you can but the

I dont think you can but the same song more than once on iTunes..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Here we go!


Everything is profit.

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What an intriguing GREAT project!

Golden State's Bombs (Ron Paul Song) is the most POWERFUL peace song of our time.

I'm in for buying this as iTune gifts to 20 or more family members and good friends. . . during Dec 16 - 25 Christmas week.

In order for this to actually

In order for this to actually work you might want to fix the name of the band in this post and on the revpac website.

the band name is GOLDEN STATE not GARDEN state



great, now we may have

great, now we may have something. Good Job. Now I can stop thinking about New Jersey and get back to work.

New Jersey state flower : dandelion

I think the state bird is the mosquito isn't it?

i copy pasted the start of the article

didnt notice the mistake. Just goes to show how fast I wanted to get this up here :)

If you have any affiliation with Rev Pac

Let them know their title is wrong. Should be Golden State not Garden State. :)