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Noted Conservative Blogger will vote for Obama over Paul

Saw this at the Ace of Spades - real neocon country:

“I heretofore state I will not support, or vote for, Ron Paul, under any circumstances whatsoever.
“That’s where I’m coming from. Under no circumstances whatsoever will I vote for this reactionary, anti-semitic peacenik ‘We brought 9/11 ourselves’ pacifist Chomskyite crank.
“And I’ll say it: I will, yes, be amenable to Barack Obama being re-elected under those circumstances.”
– Ace of Spades

Apparently blowing up people is more important than the rule of law. Lots of real maturity being displayed in the comments.

If you are so led to comment - I would just make it a fact-bomb. Just everyone leave one foreign policy fact with no commentary. Maybe that will get some of them to snap out of it.

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I raise him 10 Neo Con Friends

I have 10 Neo Con Friends saying they would take PAUL over OBAMA any day! And they don't like Paul but they can NOT stand Obama... - These same friends said they will vote for who ever the Republican Nominee is- that's how much they can not stand Obama... - this guy is in the Neo Con minority -at least with the Repubicans who I have talk to. Also, all ten of these people will not vote for Newt or Mitt... - Keeps me wondering why Mitt is so high in the polls here in NH.

"Many of us agree that you and I have no right to use coercion against people who don't owe us anything. The same prohibition applies to groups of people who constitute the government. The reason is simple: unjust acts do not become just when legalized. "

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This person is not a "conservative"

This person is a liar. Conservative?? No. NeoCon?? Maybe.

Don't give them airtime.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Unveiling Their True Colors

There you have it. They reveal their true colors.

They are big government statists. They will sacrifice everything for war. They’ll sacrifice the economy, lives, the currency, savings, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, freedom, American principles, the rule of law, truth, morality, ethics. They will embrace big government, socialism, infinitie debt accumulation, massive taxation, nationalization of markets, infinite regulation, communism, totalitarianism, any form statism to achieve their warmongering.

This removes their fake masks to reveal their true colors for all to see.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

Pull the link off DP... it's month-old garbage!

This is a total distraction, a link to brain-fagging nonsense!

The whole blog including it's responses can be summed up by the biblical quote: "An unrighteous man is unstable in all his ways"

Both the senseless and pot-influenced blog, as well the responses, follow no line of reasoning, contain no logic or debate or simple attention to a single point, and all of them sound like bad toastmasters. A good toastmaster, having nothing to say, says nothing!

This post which attracts Paul supporters to this drivel, in the midst of the fight of the millennium, when America is losing it's liberty, it's property, and it's very existence, is, charitably put, not wise!

That the GOP has supported Democrats to defeat Paul, is old information. It is the substance of which we currently formulate our arguments, our plans, our fight.

Keeping on target, and not wasting time with such blather and 'blah-blogs', is how to defeat those blogger enemies of Ron Paul.

Running to and fro to be appalled by the brainless foolishness of the enemies of liberty, is to fall under the spell of their bullets, and loose the precious time and resources we yet have at our disposal.

Focus on the caucus, and on the knocking on doors within the primary states. This is the best way to appeal to the burden and loss of liberty under which nearly every one of your neighbors suffer! They will listen at first to you, when you feel what they feel. Later they will listen to the only candidate who offers a solution to their pain.

Then they will caucus, and vote! Why?

Because 'there is nothing so powerful as a cause whose time has come'!

They are "Marxists-Leninists"

Marxists were socialists who wanted to eventually achieve communism. Lenin added "The end justifies the means" to the philosophy. There are no limits to evil when anything can be justified and that is exactly what we have seen in the "progressive" movement, particularly within the GOP.

I agree with sentiments below

that this showcases that the establishment Republicans and establishment Democrats have the same agenda at the core.
Their ostensible clashes come on the field of social meddling, but they agree on centrally-planned economies and violent empire building.

And at the risk of sounding repetitive, this is because the history of the neocons is that they were hawkish Democrats seeking to infiltrate and take-over the Republican Party, and it has even been admitted in print by the "Godfather of Neocons", Irving Kristol in his article in The Weekly Standard.

So the next time you notice how these neocons argue from emotion and not facts, and how they are full of bluster and short on intellect, you need to remember where these people came from, and why they sound just like Democrats.
They ARE Democrats, with masks on. And not very good masks, either.
The Neocons are Democrats with a war attached.

Liberal foreign policy

I've recently begun referring to the current foreign policy as the liberal foreign policy.

You can phrase it this way:
Why do you advocate a liberal's foreign policy? Are you a liberal and not even know it?
Liberal is one of their Pavlovian responsed words that evokes a reaction. It's good to mix up terminology because like the Borg, they're desensitized to certain terms.

The point I'm trying to make is we're trying to break some of these people out of their conditioning - their brains have been zombiefied. Reminds me of what Yuri Bezmenov said about destabilization--how people won't be able to come to any reasonable conclusions despite having all the facts in front of them.

This just proves my point.

This just proves my point. There is NO difference between Obama and the Establishment Republicans. The Republican Establishment will embrace Obama rather than Ron Paul and Constitutional government.

Like the Democrat Establishment, the GOP Establishment is bought and paid for by those special interests who have involved us in undeclared foreign wars, caused the terrorist threat, used that threat to undermine our civil rights, and to sell this country out. Almost everyone realizes that what politicians say when running, and what they do when elected are considerably different. Various people have suggested that they are somehow "corrupted" when they get to Washington. No, they don't get corrupted. If they weren't already corrupted, they would never have made it to Washington. They would have the media, also bought and paid for, as well as the party leadership opposing them all the way.

Ron Paul has always been up against the media and the leadership of his own party. Now it's up to us to expose the corruption which exists between the Democrat and Republican leadership, mainstream media, and the special interests who benefit from wars, inflation, bailouts, and the destruction of our freedoms.


I have not previously noted this, so called, conservative booger, but do you think he is really a member of the GOP establishment or actually representative of the Republican rank and file? My feeling is that many of the Republican rank and file are of the same mindset, and this is one reason they are so hard to sway. Of course, their (some of you might note carefully the spelling of this pronoun) position is built on nothing (at best).

Who gives a rat's ass about this POS?

Why waste time putting enemy propaganda on this site? I've seen so much of it here lately, it's making me sick.

Great Comments!

Everyone of you guys has made a great point. I only highlighted this tool because he is on just about every "conservative" blog roll. I even used to follow him because...I don't remember now--seems like so long ago.

The backyard example is a good one to use with reasonable people. Some of these neocons, though I think would pay to see someone's backyard trashed just to get off on it--destruction drama is their fav. kind.

I think this is they're

attempt to slam him/us with the anti-semite label. I'm not going to bite, but instead let it bite them in the butt. Like the other poster said so beautifully, Liberty is the antithesis of all that racism/bigotry bullfunky.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Here was my comment.

561 If you would vote for Obama over any of the Republicans, then obviously your opinion is opposite to conservatives. Ron Paul is more conservative than any other candidate out there. He would balance the budget in 3 years. Nobody else is saying anything like that. So, if you want the budget to continue to soar, vote for your big government liberal friend, Obama.

These idiots are small and

These idiots are small and inconsequential, stay away from them, they are not worth our time!

Of course he will... they

Of course he will... they wan't that war BADDD, with Obama, it is still likely to occur. With Paul, well, it won't happen, at least by our initiative.

Fine by me

I won't be voting for another neocon. As long as he doesn't berate me for not "falling in line" to vote for a republican candidate other than Paul, I won't deny his right to do the same.

Obama has been the best thing

Obama has been the best thing for the GOP fund raising efforts. 4 more years of Obama would be even better for the GOP. The party gets to talk about fiscal issues and conservative values while the DEMs have the house. At least with Obama in the white house the GOP can talk a small government game even though we know the truth.


I can't think of anything better than to run the NeoCons out of the Republican Party and send them back to where they came from...the democratic Party. Bill Crystal said the same thing basically. NeoConservatism will not survive this election regardless of whether Paul wins or not. NeoConservatism is dead...they just don't know it yet.

I don't usually try to attack people in support of Ron Paul

but I could not stop myself, that guy pissed me off, so I got sour. Thanks for the post, keep up the great work!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

all good

i get sour all the time

Obama is a neocon, this voter is a neocon...

so it's a match. *Shrug*

Why is this guy spewing so much drama about it?

Liberty is the 'not' the opposite of extremism. (facepalm)

It's odd how these people spew Jewish denigration while their leaders are in bed with the Israeli government. Is it sarcastic or what...? I don't quite get it.

To me it reads like a mishmash of a collectivized clique. Kind of like how Zero Hedge comments read vs John Maynard Keynes.

IMO extremism begets extreme outcomes.
Liberty is the antithesis of extremism.

Maybe that's just my bigotry speaking.

encouraging actually

they didnt seem to like any of the candidates so all of those guys will probably stay home come vote day. then when november rolls around they will all go ahead and vote for paul anyway

wow. and they say we are

wow. and they say we are nuts... that place was full of extreme uneducated dupes.

Explaining foreign policy:

I was talking to a friend about it and this is how I approached it.
I didn't like his flower bed out front and I wanted him to change it.
I told him the way I wanted it to be and if he didn't do it my way, I would rip everything up and re-do it the way I thought it should be.

His reply was that it was none of my business and I would be wise to leave it be or him and his wife would be very displeased and we would likely become enemies instead of friends and neighbors.

To which I told him, now you understand.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

but what did he say to you afterwards

i see plenty of ease getting around this by simply saying 'well foreign policy is different' for more slimy folks

That was perfectly executed.

That was perfectly executed.

I gotta know

What was his response to when you cracked him in the foreign policy face with that one it was epic.

His reply?

"I never though about it that way".
"I guess we are allot of places we shouldn't be".

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

Great, I'm glad that was his

Great, I'm glad that was his reply, I kind of was hoping for like a sudden pause where he has to process that info... maybe drools a little bit but hey I take the good stuff wherever it comes from.