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Should we really not want Ron

Should we really not want Ron Paul to win? I mean if he does win, we would not see as much gain in our silver investment compared if he didn't win right? The longer stuff is drawn out the more we will benefit from our gold and silver isn't that right? Or would we win either way?

Will there be a middle class

Will there be a middle class at all in the future or will there just be rich and poor?

Silver is the money of patriots.

It's not about getting rich. It's about putting your money where your mouth is. Are you with the Fed or are you with Ron Paul? If the latter, then you should divest from paper and start trading with patriots.

Mike Maloney would disagree.

Mike Maloney would disagree. It is about getting wealthier. People are dishonest when they say they don't want to be wealthier. You need wealth to survive and be healthier. BTW I am not a Ron Paul sheep like you and many people here are. I like him. I agree with him. But I don't worship the guy. I see him as a teacher, someone to learn from but also use my own reasoning and skills. I think for myself in other words, but I am open minded to learn from other people and make my own mind up.

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To answer your question is to accept the 1% dialectic.

Your intent may be completely innocent, but the effect is the same; social acceptance of "the 1%" as a category, in this case to be demonized, which is discrimination in it's rawest form.
But if your question is: will owning silver and gold make us among the wealthiest? Doubtful, but we'll certainly be in much better position later on than those who do not own physical.

Undo what Wilson did

That is if they don't change the laws regarding gold and silver

We will be better off as long as it will be legal to hoard gold and silver...and food.

: "we'll certainly be in much better position later on than those who do not own physical."

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

So what if they make it

So what if they make it illegal. Doesn't mean we have to follow it does it? Sometimes you have to defend what is yours.

If you break federal law, while we are under martial law...

...and you are caught hoarding gold when it is illegal to do so (along with food and guns), you may be executed on the spot with a gun that fires a rod into your brain. I am not joking. This is in "The Report From Iron Mountain" (discussed by Griffin in his book about hoarding being illegal), and from an interview with a retired Major General (he describes the gun to be used on Americans who are guilty).

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

Sometimes you need to stand

Sometimes you need to stand up to tyranny. What do you think the American Revolution was about? We wouldn't be here today or still be under British rule if nobody stood up and defended their rights. Haven't you seen Braveheart?

I can't do it alone

I volunteered to be a part of Ron's Secret Service and members on this forum, including BMWJim, said my post was BS. Now, what do you want me to do? Shoot the military when they pull up to my driveway? What exactly are we doing to stand up to tyranny without committing suicide? Is there some unified movement to help each other when all Hell breaks out?

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

give me liberty or give me

give me liberty or give me death

Read about the American

Read about the American Revolution and other struggles against tyranny in history. Form a private militia or army use guerrilla warfare. You can't be a pussy when it gets that bad.

Form a private militia?

I can't even get along with family members, let alone form a militia. So, you are saying that if me and my friends are armed with 300 Weatherby Mags and some AK47s, we can take down the National Guard and shoot down Apache helicopters?

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

Yes because more people will

Yes because more people will eventually join. Other militias would form and join yours and so on. Besides no army is invincible, they all have weaknesses. Running all the equipment cost the government money, plus not everyone in the military will stay loyal to the government anyway. You did hear Ron Paul say that ideas spread, and they cannot be supressed by any army or any government.

Do you think those few colonists who decided to stand up to the British because they felt like they had nothing to lose, worried about those things? They knew the risks but believed the cause was worth it. They were brave men who were willing to risk their very lives for freedom.

"When liberty takes root, it is a plant of rapid growth" -Thomas Jefferson

I agree with you to a point..

..but one thing you must remember is that people don't get along. We are divided. That is what the Powers want, and that is people to fight and argue with one another. For me to stand up to trained military, I would need to be trained myself, and I am not.

The question is this: would our military kill its fellow citizens? I think so, because they killed innocent Iraqis without blinking an eye. How could they do that? Because they were told to, and if they are told to kill us, they will be obedient. That is what being in the military is all about: obeying your commander.

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

Well I guess the good thing

Well I guess the good thing about that is that Ron Paul's top monetary contributor is the military! We see they know where to put their money, so hopefully they would do the right thing if the situation ever came down to it. I'd be willing to bet that the military would just be divided as well, which would put more trained people in our camp that could help and train us. My husband is always bitching about being in the military because of the inefficient way it's run, of course the war, and the mindset of a lot of the men, no free speech, the abused power of a lot of the commanders to demean those in lower ranks, etc....the usual thing. I try to remind him frequently that he is kind of in the belly of the beast and has the power to work and teach from within. His problem is subtleness and tact, and planting very small seeds. I look at it as that it's a very hard position to be in, but it can be used for good.

The British army was the

The British army was the strongest and best trained army in the world at the time of the American Revolution. No one believed they could be defeated, let alone by a few untrained poor american colonists, who decided to take a risk. Yes, Soldiers are trained to do what they are told to do, but that doesn't mean all of them are robots and don't have a mind of their own. You have either two choices, either live in tyranny and be a miserable slave to the government your whole life, or take a risk to live in freedom. The choice is yours.

Majority of people don't own

Majority of people don't own silver. That puts us in the minority. Historically the wealthy are the minority. The poor are the majority. Precious metals are real wealth. Most people will not own any or very little when the time comes. They will be screwed. I think this in itself has already put us in the upper crust, would it not??



You'll be in the bottom 1% if you don't

have a way to protect it. You will also be going through that silver pretty quick on food. Stock up!

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

How am I going to be in the

How am I going to be in the bottom 1%? Most people are going to be in the bottom 99% because they don't own silver. I don't understand your reasoning.


you aren't able to protect it...

I have a huge garden and

I have a huge garden and fruit trees in my yard now, plus I am going to get livestock, not to mention I a huge lake in my backyard I can fish out of. Plus my silver stash. I am trying to become self sufficient now. Most people will be in the bottom 1% anyway because they are not invested in any silver because they don't know anything about it. That puts us above most of the population, right?

Serious question...

If they control the weather? Or lets imagine the totally unknown causes for last years several cases of "random coincidental occurrences" of large isolated areas of dead sea life, lake and river fish wash ups, and birds falling right out of the sky?

I am not scare mongering I am just saying, when they are ready to do it, they got the shit to do it with. They have already proven it to us.

And still we refuse to believe.

Now you're sounding

Now you're sounding ridiculous and way too paranoid.

You'd be in the 3%.

During the Revolutionary War, only 3% of the people actually fought against the king. 10% actively supported them. 20% sided with the patriots, but did not actively participate. 33% sided with the king. 33% didn’t care.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead, American anthropologist

If you are currently a billionaire

and you are heavily vested in gold and silver I'd say you have a shot at it.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Plus I read that most

Plus I read that most billionaires and millionaires are not buying any precious metals. A lot of them don't understand them I have read.

Billionaires are already in

Billionaires are already in the 1%.


If not the 0.001%