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FEMA ad on radio freaked me out! - War propaganda?

I see that on YouTube these ads have been running for a while but after over a year of listening to WAY too much stupid conservative talk radio I heard my very first FEMA "public service announcement" to scare people into getting READY. The approach is just way too spooky. The video is even more over-the-top. I haven't watched TV since 2001, so I don't know how often they run these things but it wouldn't surprise me if it's part of the war propaganda machine.

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Have you done anything toward survival preparedness?

If you view all warnings as a PR trick, you will never see the advantage of being ready for the big economic collapse Ron Paul has warned about.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


the see something say something commercials are too much for me. I've heard them at the metro in DC, at Union Station in Chicago, and at Kalamazoo-Grand Rapids airport here in Michigan.

If there were more serious people in DC, who new we had to cut spending, they would start cutting funding for all these federal ad campaigns and other govt messages. That's the kind of thing that could be cut, without one American being put out in the cold

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

Don't worry, these ads you

Don't worry, these ads you hear are nothing but the ramblings of a paranoid, guilt stricken madman, finally coming to the realization that his days of pillage and murder are coming back to haunt him. The creepiness, the paranoia they heap on you has already been with them all along as a result of years of murder. Their guilt they want to then be your guilt.