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Miami Grand Opening

Attend the grand opening of the South Florida Field Office this Saturday, December 3rd at 2PM. Address: 13971 SW 140th Street Miami, FL. Media have been invited, so a large turnout will be beneficial to Ron Paul’s campaign. This is a grassroots field office.

If you live in South Florida, also sign up with RonPaulVolunteers.com. This will get you in touch with our captains and we'll get you working on our voter outreach program - the Florida Victory Blitz

Press release published by the Miami Herald:

Story by Examiner:

In 1768, John Hancock’s merchant ship, the Liberty, was being towed away from the Boston harbor by the British gun ship the Romney. The people of Boston tried to organize and prevent this from happening, but their efforts came too late. By the time the citizens reached the Harbor in mass, all they could do was watch the Romney sail away with the Liberty in tow – guns pointed at her. How poetic that now the cause of liberty is faced with yet another Romney. However, this time we have the numbers and the organization to rescue liberty from being taken away. Let us not squander our moment to strike. Please, sign up for the South Florida Victory Blitz TODAY! We can win Florida for Ron Paul, but only if you help us. Alternatively, we can sit idly by and force the cause of liberty to yet again watch a Romney sail away, dragging liberty with him. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.