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Republican Jewish Coalition Ignores Ron Paul

As many of you know by now, the Republican Jewish Coalition is hosting a candidate's forum. 7/8 of the candidates are invited. If you don't already know, you can guess who wasn't invited.

As an orthodox Jew who strongly supports the existence of the state of Israel, I'm appalled. This behavior is disgusting and only makes people resent Jews/Zionists as trying to silence any potential criticism of Israel - which is, unfortunately, often true these days.

He wasn't invited apparently because of his "misguided and extreme views." They said inviting him to speak would be like inviting Obama to speak. What this REALLY means is:
a) Ron Paul wants to end foreign aid for all countries, including Israel
b) Ron Paul doesn't take orders from lobbyists, only the Constitution (how misguided!)
c) When it comes to America's agenda, Ron Paul puts American interests before Israels (what an extremist - he actually wouldn't send young American men and women to fight and die for Israel's security!!!)

People, we have to let people know that Ron Paul is THE most pro-Israel candidate. Spread it far and wide. Here are some talking points.........
-Ron Paul doesn't want to dictate Israel's policies from Washington. Ron Paul wants to give Israel their sovereignty back.
-the more foreign aid we give them, the more we as a country have a right to dictate their policies.
- In 2005, Israel wanted to bomb a nuclear facility in Saudi Arabia. We forced them not to. This is a case where Israel clearly saw action as imperative to their survival, and if Paul had been President at the time, they would have been able to do whatever the hell they wanted.
- EVERY other candidate wants us to have a role in determining Israel's policies. Obviously Paul doesn't.

Lastly, if anyone knows the number of the RJC, PLEASE post it. Do everything you can to contact them and others and remind them why Ron Paul is the only truly pro-Israel candidate for President.

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