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Be careful * Why Ron was not invited to the Jewish Coalition debate.* And what his campaign can do about it!

So, of course ridiculously claiming that inviting Ron Paul to the event would be like inviting Obama will enrage Paul supporters. This is a totally predicable consequence... It's so obvious that it proves that the establishment, regardless of what group they claim to speak for, are doing this specifically to incite a reaction.

I have a feeling that this is actually an attempt to pull some anger out of Paul supporters so that the media can try to use it against him. Why would he be excluded? Why would they compare Ron Paul to Obama?

By now we know that Ron's position on Israel exercising personal responsibility, something that they are totally capable of, and respecting their sovereignty is not popular among the more religious branch of the GOP. But, this is like comparing a BMW to a pushcart.

So make no mistake.. This will be recognized in the news. And what they are trying to do is create dirt on Ron Paul by searching for supporters who might act foolishly so they can play the anti-Semitic card. After all, they have absolutely nothing to run against Ron on except his foreign policy and what his philosophy of liberty means for the drug war and associated programs. The fact of the matter is it's starting to wear out and they need something new. Don't give it to them.

So what would I propose the campaign do to this un-American exclusion of someone who is pro Israeli sovereignty and a clear front runner in the early election states? Keep campaigning. Hold a Rally for the Republic and Pro Israeli event! Again present positions on essential issues with particular emphasis on goals to be friends with Israel, as well as all other nations. This will definitely attract media attention and would get mention in the news. I could even see it on Drudge.. 'Paul excluded from debate - Rallies his own, Draws thousands.'.

Damn it feels good to be an optimist.

They want to tell us that we aren't republican. We will show them what a true republic is all about. Starting with Iowa. Don't let them set the precedent and tell ourselves that if we are excluded from debates we will pretend we can ignore it. It'll just happen again and again.

EDIT: (Remember this?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOV0qCW7nBA#t=1m3s )

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Well for one, we're sick of

Well for one, we're sick of being used as an excuse for neoconservatives to start oil wars in the Middle East.

Who really suffers? Jewish people in Israel and around the world suffer. Young American kids who sign up to defend their country suffer. Innocent people in the Middle East suffer. Americans at home see their liberties stripped while they are degraded and dehumanized by an ever expanding police state, and they suffer.

Who does not suffer? Rich and powerful American politicians, rich and powerful oil companies and their owners, rich and powerful defense contractors and their owners.

Mark my words, the only thing we're going to get out of this Faustian relationship with the neocons is another holocaust. They care only about corporate, economic, and military domination of the world, and once they control all the resources of the Middle East, they won't give a damn what happens to us.

My Letter to the RJC

To Whom it May Concern,

As a Jewish Ron Paul Supporter, I object to your exclusion
of Dr. Ron Paul from the upcoming debate.

Dr. Paul is clearly showing significant momentum in this race (though even were he not,
he would clearly deserve a place on the podium.)

Whatever ideological differences may exist between your organization and
Dr. Paul, taking such a biased action is extremely unbecoming to you, and,
since you put yourselves forth as representing Jews, reflects poorly upon
our people.

The ethics of Judaism I was raised to cherish emphasize fair play, freedom of thought, and room for honest, principled disagreement and unfettered debate.
Stifling debate in defense of one's own position was considered anathema.

The above factors are, in my opinion, far more integral to the value and beauty of Judaism,
than other oft-cited elements like tradition and culture. You may say, the former
form the soul which animates the latter.

Therefore, by excluding Dr. Paul, you are committing an affront to the very core of
Judaism, and betraying the trust of conservative Jews everywhere.

I deeply hope you will reconsider that misguided stance.


Ron should host an after-party.

Hand out flyers to those who attend the debate, letting them know that there is an after-party with free booze or something.

I know I'd go.

Then let Ron Paul emcee the event. That way he can say whatever he wants without interruption or bias. And when everyone is saucy, we have Vince Vaughn show up and do some stand up comedy about how ridiculous all the other candidates are.

I know I'd go.

End the Fed. End the Wars. Problems Solved. Ron Paul.

These decision makers do not represent the voice of the Jews

There is no alignment of Jewish voters, or even Jewish Republicans, for that matter. There are plenty that agree with Dr. Paul. And plenty more that would welcome debate a a divergent view.

Peter Schiff ...

made some good points about this on his radio show yesterday, including the fact that of all the candidates Ron Paul is the LEAST like Obama. Then he continued: "...the real reason is they don't like his stance on Israel. Well, if they don't like his stance on Israel, why not let him debate and exploit that fact? If his stance is so appalling to Jewish voters, then what's the harm in having him in the debate? After all, everyone's just going to get mad at him once they see his performance and not vote (for him). Maybe what the organization is afraid of - the Republican Jewish Coalition is the organization - maybe they're afraid that if Jewish voters hear for themselves what his stance on Israel is, maybe they'll like it. That is the problem. But you know it should be up to the voters. Let the Jewish voters decide which candidate they like. Don't have this organization censor and screen the candidates by saying 'hey, this one is not appealing because we don't think he's Republican enough.' Believe me, he's plenty Republican enough it's just that the people on this Republican Jewish Council are probably not Republican enough for Ron Paul."

Here's what I wrote to the RJC

I sent them this via email and fax, as well as on their Facebook page (plus some Tweets):

My dear friends - I find it strange that you would fail to invite to your forum the most pro-Israel candidate of all the GOP presidential contenders.

Ron Paul would not stop Israel from defending her interests in any way she saw fit. When Israel attacked a nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981, almost the entire U.S. Congress voted to condemn the act. Ron Paul was one of the few dissenters: he voted against the condemnation and in favor of Israel’s right to self-determination.

Ron Paul has also been criticized for wanting to “end foreign aid to Israel.” He had in fact called for an end to all foreign aid in general. If foreign aid to all countries were stopped immediately, Israel would be the biggest net beneficiary. This is because the U.S. pays much more foreign aid to Israel’s enemies combined than to Israel.

Obviously, calling for zero-budgeting foreign aid isn't a criterion for rejection, since there are other candidates who have copied Paul's stance, yet are invited.

Like it or not, Ron Paul is the most pro-Israel candidate out there. His wise policies – not by design, but by pure logical consequence – will permit Israel to grow and blossom as a truly free, independent and powerful state.

I encourage you to reconsider your decision, and invite Ron Paul to your upcoming GOP Presidential forum.

Prof. William Greene

Is there a venue next door?

Is there a venue next door to the debate where a Ron Paul "for Isreal" Rally can be held while the debate is going on?

Of course, they neglect to

Of course, they neglect to realize that Ron Paul is a student and ardent supporter of QUITE A FEW JEWS.

Front Page Huffpost

And if I may add the following


Paulling Around

Ron Paul supporters are throwing a hissy fit over their candidate being “excluded” from the Republican Jewish Coalition forum. As I recall the same thing happened in the last election. The RJC forum is not exactly a major event so this is just another tantrum from the tantrum candidate. Paul has nothing to say at the forum, except maybe to go on about how Gaza is a concentration camp.

Other candidates “excluded” from the RJC forum include Gary Johnson, Buddy Roemer and Jimmy McMillan who just as much serious candidates as Ron Paul. The invite does say, “Join the leading GOP Presidential Candidates as they outline their visions for the future.”

Is Ron Paul a leading candidate in the mind of anyone who isn’t one of his supporters?

Last time the Paultards threw their hissy fit in 2007, the forum only featured McCain, Brownback, Romney, Thompson and Giuliani. Again it didn’t feature every candidate in the race.

I’m not involved with the RJC, but they have the right to invite candidates that align with their views. Are Catholic forums supposed to invite abortion supporters? Should gay Republican groups be forced to invite people who hate them? This is a non-argument blown up by idiots into the same predictable attacks and attention-mongering.

If Ron Paul was a serious contender, this argument might at least go somewhere, but he’s not. The only reason for inviting him to a forum billed as a chance to hear from the next president is pity.

But all this is just an opportunity to revive the same old smears. No, Jewish conservatives don’t have issues with Ron Paul because he opposes foreign aid. Most people could care less about his views on foreign aid or anything else. His frequent attacks on Israel are another matter. But more than that he’s a proponent of the Al-Qaeda view of American history, in league with Bin Laden’s favorite pundit, and the usual motley collection of 9/11 Truthers and conspiracy theorists.

And if you’re going to pose for photos with Neo-Nazis and take their donations, why in the world would you whine about not being invited to the RJC forum? It’s called making a choice.

Ron Paul chose the side of evil over and over again. Which is his choice. Unfortunately his supporters refuse to be honest about it. This is not about foreign aid, this is about Ron Paul repeatedly endorsing the terrorist worldview and putting the blame on the countries targeted by terrorists, whether it’s America or Israel.

As in 2007, cue the fake Jews for Ron Paul brigade, because the Campaign for Liberty is opposed to identity politics, except when it’s their kind of plant identity politics. (The do anything you have to win style makes a candidate about as attractive as any sociopath.)

That means multiple comments from “Orthodox Jews” supporting Ron Paul. A classic of the genre comes from the comments section of the Washington Jewish Week

I’m a Jew, I grew up in an orthodox household, was educated in a yeshiva elementary and high school, and I’m a Republican. I also support Ron Paul.

If you want to ensure hatred/resentment for Jews and if you want to convey the message that we only talk with those who agree with us 100%... This is a PERFECT way to do it. Any non-Jew who sees that he’s been excluded will get the picture that Jews are trying to stifle honest debate. Just saying.

Here’s a way to make yourself and your candidate hated. Impersonate an ethnic/religious group’s members and leave messages making threat against an entire ethnic\religious group using classic anti-semitic stereotypes.

And another authentically Jewish comment that in no way comes from a bigot using a fake Jewish identity.

How dare they pretend to speak for Jews and exclude the only candidate that can set this economy straight again. It looks to me like they are representing only the Jews that own the Federal Reserve, or on Wall Street, like the corrupt Bernie Madoff.

And just to keep the comedy going, here are some more gems from the comments section:

What is totally lost on the RJC’s spokesperson is that Gary Johnson and Ron Paul are the only two Republicans running for president. All the others are neocons which is a euphemism for “Democrats-lite.” Perhaps the RJC should change its name to the: “Democrat-lite Jewish Coalition.”

If Gary Johnson is the only other authentic Republican, then I guess legalizing drugs, abortion and opposing the death penalty… while supporting the Global Warming scam makes you an authentic Republican.

I guess the only real Republicans are Democrats.

“Misguided” and “extreme?” Who was the lone Republican who refused to condemn Israel’s defensive strike against Iraq’s Osirak nuclear plant in 1981?

Who is the lone Republican who condemns Israel every time it strikes at terrorism today even though it’s not his country and his platform is non-interventionism? I can tell you it’s not Gary Johnson.


For The Power of The Republic!

Why do they think we have

Why do they think we have something against them? Paul supports freedom and freedom favors ALL minority groups.

don't take the bait !!!

This is yet another worn-out card which the NWO has over-played.

{ tense atmosphere... smoke-filled room @ top floor of the creepy high-rise adorned with gargoyles shaped like winged goats with fangs... }

Horned Goat lays down cards for all the marbles ...

the vaccine card no thanks

the fluoride card ~3 million in N America voted it out last year

the bromide card don't eat the flour!!!

the mockingbird media card doesn't work

the race card doesn't work

the class card doesn't work

the religion card doesn't work

The ... ( turns back to obsequious administrator ) " uhhhh, ( long pause ) ... what other cards do we have left?"

Will Ron Paul Supporters show up outside?

I think they want Ron Paul Supporters there.

Big Deal !

Oh no! RP was'nt invited to the Jewish Debate. Who cares? Most Jews are Democrats anyway. This whole stereotype that Jewish voters vote as a single bloc is just that. A stereotype propagated by AIPAC to scare the politicians into doing their bidding. I'm Jewish and I will write his name in if I have to.My mom is Jewish (in her 80's) and she wants to vote for him also.As for his chances in Iowa.If no less a political strategist than Karl Rove thinks he has a shot AND the best ground game to boot then you can forget what the polls say.
Did I forget to mention that there has to be at least all of 3 or 4 Republican Jewish voters in Iowa?

Tatical Nuke of Truth

catchy title eh?

now that I have your attention I would like to state a good strategy that ron paul and supporters can do. Since you were not invited, invite yourself. How about we have kids showing up with ron paul tshirts protesting doing a truth check on the candidates as they start the debate. Let them talk. After they kick them out. Ron Paul shows up a couple of minutes. I think Ron Paul will be all over the media. What if Ron Paul talks about his issues there. What if he says this is America I have the right to invite myself to the debate. I doubt they will kick him out if they do it will be all over the media. If Ron Paul gets kicked out, people will be like why are you kicking him out. Just saying we can bring more votes for ron paul

Truth is the virus that people fear the most because it's reality.

so you and

your mom make up half of them? No worries, there. Paul can stay home and rest, that night. He deserves it.

Lol moth..

3 or 4 Jewish voters in Iowa...Ha!

I said REPUBLICAN Jewish

I said REPUBLICAN Jewish voters.

I know what you meant..Relax friend

I'm with ya..

Take a look at this!

This is the oldest trick in the book!

Go here and read this article and read the comments!They do support Ron Paul!

One of the comments from this site!

5 Yohchanan 2011-12-02 09:51
As an Orthodox Jew, I am appalled at the foolish, childish and UNBIBLICAL position that American Jews are taking against Congressman Paul. Using one of the oldest tricks in the book, "If he doesn't support the secular, Torahless state of Israel, than he is "anti-semitic". Such an old trick. Come on Jews, emotional extortion is beneath us!!! Ron Paul is CLEARLY the ONLY candidate for a Torah observant Jew, as he is the ONLY candidate who champions the cause of liberty and defending the constitution, and holding the Federal Govt. accountable to it. All the other GOP nominees just give us that usual slick, polished Washington sideways speak of "God bless america" this and "terrorists" that. HASHEM IS GIVING US A CHANCE AT RESTORING AMERICA, PRACTICALLY HANDING IT TO US ON A SILVER PLATTER, AND YOU POOR IGNORANT YIDDEN WON'T VOTE FOR RON PAUL ??? WAKE UP, K'LAL YISRAEL!!! REPENT! WAKE UP! REPENT! RON PAUL 2012!

If I could

IF I COULD offer this post 25 up ticks I would. Now if only Debbie Schlussel could learn from your post.

For The Power of The Republic!


This is great. Thanks for posting.

Sweet Liberty

You are right.

Ignore it and keep campaigning...when people don't want to hera the truth, no amount of screaming, ranting, or raving will change their heart.

Ignore it and keep campaigning - releasing honest videos like the Gingrich video to wake people up - YouTube is becoming a HUGE (and free) campaign tool.

Perhaps a video regarding Ron Paul's stance on Israel.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

What about the Palestinian issue?

Some here talk about a sovereign Israel and a 'strong, independent Israel' but not much about the Palestinians and how they fit in with the story. The Israelis stole the land through terrorism and military might. The theft continues to this day.


Jews bought 80% of the land, privately, one by one, since the 1930's. They gathered in an area that was historical to them. They then formed a nation within those boundaries. The previous remaining population were given citizenship and full legal status as citizens, regardless of their ethnicity or religion. Most Israeli Arabs are better off as Israeli citizens than they would ever be outside of Israel, except of course if they fall victim the the indiscriminate terrorism practiced by some non-Israeli Arabs, with the blessing of their governments, and a lot of NWO operatives.

The so-called "Palestinians" never gave a damn about the area until displaced Jews from Europe started showing up. To them it was never any different from any other blob of sand in the entire Mideast, with no more usefullness than as a place for them to dump camel dung. They couldn't even grow food on it. While it is clear that Hitler used the Jews as scapegoats for all their problems, there is evidence suggesting that he got the idea of extermination from the "Grand Mufti" of Jeruselem, whose nephew was the rabid Jew hater Yassir Arafat. There is no Palestinian language, there is no Palestinian ethnicity, there is no Palestinian culture, the never was any Palestinian nation or boundaries. The sole reason for all the squabble over a "Palestinian Nation" is to drive all Jews out of the Mideast, by claiming what they never claimed until the Jews did it, so the "palestinians" could do it, all for denying the Jews from doing it.

Somehow the claims for Palestinian statehood, backed by the likes of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and Yassir Arafat and other useless statists and terrorists, is far less that credible. If you believe that the Israelis have used military might, you are correct. Never mind the rewriting of history, some of which appears repeated on this website as though it were fact, use of military might in DEFENSE is not evil. The problem is with the offenders, and in every case the intiation has come toward, not from, Israel, until it becomes muddled with a constant tit-for-tat. Israel did not start the 1948 war, the Arabs did. Israel did not start the 3 wars starting in 1967. I remember that vividly, Israel was ATTACKED and outnumber 50 to 1, yet crushed the attackers in 6 days and, ain't it just to damned bad, took some of the attackers land as a strategic buffer.

Oh! But "the Jews" indiscriminately bomb Arabs, men women and children. Duh, no $#it? Just what is it that the Arabs do with the bombs they dump on Israel? This is where I take issue with Israeli policy and that is in their indiscriminate retaliation. Nonetheless, I have never once heard of ANY Jew strapping a bomb to his child and sending the child into a crowded area in any Arab country, but the opposite is commonplace.

It is the Arabs who have used terrorism, not Israel, never mind that you are just repeating the propaganda of the MSM.

Now, I have my problems with Israel. 1 - they voted themselves into socialism, confusing government redistribution of wealth for religious charity. 2 - While they don't take offensive action, they do practice retaliation in addition to defense, as mentioned above. This blurs the distinction. 3 - they have become welfare weenies, relying on the U S to subsidize their defense - this has weakened them - better that they return to the self reliance that worked so well in the 1967 6-day war. But this does not mean that Israel "stole the land through terrorism and military might". You need to not get your information from the MSM, and Jew haters.

There is a difference between offense and defense and that seems to elude some. Hopefully those on this website will learn the difference because it is both critical and fundamental to what Ron Paul stands for.

It is astounding and reveals the absurd beliefs of some who claim that because Ron Paul wants to end all foreign aid (per Constitution) that this means that he is "anti-Israel". This is as completely absurd and ridiculous as the notion that the Israelis are terrorists while official Arab policy is innocent.

I will also point out that your view that "The Israelis stole the land through terrorism and military might. The theft continues to this day." is sharply at odds with the views of Ron Paul. Perhaps before you put this type of garbage on any website, you may want to consider that you just fell prey to the trap set to make Ron Paul people out as Jew haters, and your post will damage Ron Paul.

Or maybe you are a troll and that was your intent.

Wow! ....a lot of new found

Wow! ....a lot of new found history here! What is your source of information which contradicts everything I've read (academic, personal and alternate)?

Amazing revisionist history you have there Chief

Perhaps it is your words and those like them that help perpetuate the damage being done that will never lead to peace.

"Israel did not start the 3 wars starting in 1967."
Was that like Israel did not attack the USS Liberty on purpose, a false flag to be blamed on Egypt as an excuse for the US to enter the 67 war?

"They couldn't even grow food on it."
That's a little bit over the top isn't it.

"...consider that you just fell prey to the trap set to make Ron Paul people out as Jew haters..."
Dr. Paul will do just fine. Your insinuations are out of line. As president he will have to deal with not only the Palestinian issue but the issue of Israel and their lobbyists and their inordinate foreign policy influence as a whole. This will be a major challenge for his administration and I am looking forward to having a president that will put the U.S. first.

I don’t want to turn this

I don’t want to turn this into a classic Israel vs. Palestine debate, but you seem to be repeating some of the most used and abused myths on this issue. Most of the Palestinians were forcibly removed and corralled into reservations, and face repression from an apartheid state. You trying to whitewash the situation and demonize the Palestinian (both Muslim and Christian) victims who lost their land, wealth, and family members helps no one. Have you ever spoken to a Palestinian who’s lived in the refugee camps or in East Jerusalem or Bethlehem? Have you ever read any books on the issue besides end times propaganda? If not, maybe you should.

That being said, Ron Paul is right in saying that the US should stay out of that conflict. I don’t see how their mediation has really produced results anyway.

there are many Israelis who are unhappy . . .

about how the Palestinians are treated and those 'dissenters' are not always treated very well either.

I got called an anti-Semite for expressing my admiration for the young people who were imprisoned for not fighting in Gaza.

THAT is irony, isn't it?

There are Palestinian Christian ministers who come across weekly to minister to Christian Israelis. They have to go through some dangerous stuff, and then the Christian Israelis (mostly Jewish converts to Christianity) take them into their homes and care for them.

SUCH irony!

But *we* don't hear about those things here in America.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--