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Ron Paul Campaign Rejects Trump Iowa Debate

ANKENY, Iowa – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign released the following statement concerning the selection of Donald Trump as moderator for the December 27th Republican debate to be held in Iowa. Below please find comments from Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton

“The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee rejects the selection of Donald Trump as moderator for the Republican presidential debate to be held on December 27th

“We have conferred with our Iowa campaign chairman Drew Ivers and vice-chairmen David Fischer and A.J. Spiker who are all RPI State Central Committee Members, and they concur with this decision.

“The selection of a reality television personality to host a presidential debate that voters nationwide will be watching is beneath the office of the Presidency and flies in the face of that office’s history and dignity. Mr. Trump’s participation as moderator will distract from questions and answers concerning important issues such as the national economy, crushing federal government debt, the role of the federal government, foreign policy, and the like. To be sure, Mr. Trump’s participation will contribute to an unwanted circus-like atmosphere.

“Mr. Trump’s selection is also wildly inappropriate because of his record of toying with the serious decision of whether to compete for our nation’s highest office, a decision he appeared to make frivolously. The short-lived elevation of Mr. Trump’s stature as a candidate put him on the radar of many organizations and we recall that last spring he was invited to keynote the Republican Party of Iowa’s annual Reagan Dinner, yet at the last minute he left RPI holding the bag by canceling. In turn, RPI canceled its biggest fundraising gala of the year and suffered embarrassment and in addition RPI was required to engage in refunding measures. Our candidate will not even consider participating in the late-December debate until Mr. Trump publicly apologizes to Iowa party leaders and rectifies in full the situation.

“Therefore our candidate Ron Paul, the champion of the Constitution, has advised he will not attend.”



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here's hoping Iowans will acknowledge this

and fully support Ron Paul - the only true viable candidate for president. Come on Iowa we are counting on you big time!

Zero chance?

I'll give the Donald Duck even better odds than that, how about 1 out of a million? I'll put up $100, and if Paul wins the nomination, Trump owes me 100 million dollars, if not Trump can keep my $100? Some media commentator should put Trump on the spot with this bet! I'd like to see Trump crawfish out of that!




Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

This is a BAD move

Well I, for one, disagree with this move because it gives you no advantages and creates new potential probs-

1) Iowa caucuses are shortly after this debate and you need the momentum snd exposure going in
2) It will be widely watched because Trump, like him or not, is a viewer magnet
3) Ron Paul can no longer claim he's being given unfair amounts of exposure or aiirtime
4) The campaign's handling of this--making all these personal attacks on Trump's bankruptcies--seems beneath Paul's dignified standards to most voters

And now that the campaign has stooped to making personal attacks, that has become the headline instead of Ron Paul's decision not to attend on behalf of the Republican Party of Iowa..Seriously, what does this really accomplish?

I think you are assuming Ron

BOOGAFISH I think you are assuming Ron will get treated with respect and will get equal time. I do not think he will get either. He does not need Donald Trump to get elected.

This is the RIGHT move. Here's why...

Not one of your four points make sense to me, BoogaFish.

1)Paul's strength going into the caucuses is based, in part, on his consistently principled standards. If he didn't stand against Trump's involvement, after Trump burned the RPI by his key-note no-show, causing them to suffer a damage that Trump was responsible for, Paul would lose the moral high ground against Trump's typically reckless disregard of the damages he often imposes here and elsewhere, without apology.

2)Trump's rejection by Paul for the causes cited is the equivalent of Paul telling this pathetic reality show host, "Your FIRED, unless you apologize AND make restitution for the damages you caused the RPI." By standing up against this bully interloper this way, Paul gains more stature, and Trump loses some from all but his most loyal fans.

3)Paul shouldn't have to give, "The Donald", a pass in order to gain airtime. If he did, Paul would appear a panderer to that pompous ass, despite his damage to the good people of Iowa, in order to get some debate stage time. If the other candidates don't care that Trump burned the Republican Party of Iowa, and don't hold him to make an apology and restitution now that Paul has called him out on it, they will lose respect from Iowan Republicans who care about this as they ought.

4)This is NOT a personal attack on Trump's serial bankruptcies, as there is no mention of them in this article. This is about properly taking this legend-in-his-own-mind down several notches, by challenging Trump to own up for his wrong doing in Iowa, BEFORE letting him have any debate moderator involvement there.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

Wrong, this is what Jesse

Wrong, this is what Jesse Benton said-

“If Trump wants to be taken seriously by Republicans, he needs to quit Celebrity Apprentice and apologize to the Iowa GOP. If he gets his act together, President Paul might consider getting his advice on fixing our country’s financial situation. We understand Donald has a lot of experience with bankruptcy.”


Your assessment is foolishness.

This debate is THE LAST GASP DESPERATION move BY OBAMA FRONT MAN tRUMP to attempt to derail RON PAUL.


How does joining this BUFFOONS circus help Ron Paul with DEAD SERIOUS Republican voters in IOWA?

Like tRUMP, I believe you are an OBAMA FRONT MAN TOO.

Either that or you are just plain ignorant.

Ron Paul is above the

Ron Paul is above the ignorance and bought persona that is Donald Trump. A reality tv star hosting a debate is ridiculous, much less someone who filed for bankruptcy lmao. What a joke. I tip my hat to you Dr. Paul.
touché sir touché.

Ron Paul 2012 is our only hope for freedom and recovery!

The meme should be

Paul has the chutzpah to tell Trump "No!"

Unlike the other candidates that are French-kissing "The Donald's" ass, Paul knows how to tell this fool "No!"

It has probably been said - but there is a "Ron Paul Fires Donald Trump" angle.

Paul Dumps the Trump

Absolutely sickens me that they would think of someone with no real political stature whatsoever,just like the O'bummer tyrant himself.Pray God will allow us a President like Ron Paul.

Sometimes I wonder if this country even deserves such a man as Paul.

Taking on Trump

This will bring publicity to the campaign. Taking on Trump is sure to gain more votes than it loses. Trump has trashed Martha Stewart, Jerry Seinfield & Jon Stewart among others. Trump has gone off the deep end. Taking the windbag down a peg can only help.

Can't say as I blame you, Ron

This just shows you how DISGRACEFUL "debates" are. I would rather have any of the following host REAL debates...

Alex Jones

Mike Church

Judge Andrew Napolitano

For The Power of The Republic!

cant say I blame you

I concur 100%

The Judge would be my first pick
and then Jones


tell it like it is dr. paul. ;-)

Meme Idea - Trump Has Zero Chance of ???

Anywhere comments are allowed, re the Newsmax Debate, comment that Trump has zero chance of being a decent host or zero chance of not proving himself a dufus or whatever else strikes your imagination.

I'd also suggest he put his money where his mouth is. He states Ron Paul has NO chance to win the nomination. Surely then he would offer 100 to 1 bets if he was a man of his word.

The current trading markets would sweep up every dollar he has at those odds... even if just to lay off for a profit.

Those who put their money where there mouth is do give Ron Paul a chance.

gaylbaby's picture

I have been expecting Trump

to endorse and support The Newt. Did he learn something from the last election cycle and how a major media mogul can effectively target a given demographic group?

I wonder if he had anything to say about Oprah during or after that election? Wonder if Newsmax did? If so, those statements should be found and published.

Pure genius.... Ron Paul is

Pure genius....

Ron Paul is one very smart dude, and he is absolutely right. Donald Trump has just given Ron Paul some major political mileage and media coverage.

I hope that Bachmann follows suit...which would leave Gingrich, Perry, and Romney alone on one stage to be totally exposed as the liberals they really are.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


I just sent an email to the editor of newsmax.com. I clicked on the tab at the top "Contact" for the email address. I hope everyone contacts Newsmax and maybe they will fire Trump. Then we can have a real debate with Ron Paul as a participate. Now if they will just find an appropriate replacement for Trump then they should have a large audience watching. Why did Newt meet with Trump the other day? Conflict there and also when Trump stated as he has before that Ron cannot win.


JUST DID, Here is what I sent the editor of Newsmax!

Dear Newsmax,

I am writng this e-mail to inform you that I am greatly disappointed in your choice of selecting Donald Trump to moderate the Republican Presidential primary debate to be held in Iowa on December 27th. This selection displays a great lack of discernment for your news organzation. Donald Trump appears to have little to no experience as being a "moderator." Furthermore, he has already displayed a strong bias and sincer lack of lack of professionalism as he has openly made extremely disrespectful statements towards two of the presidential candidates who were invited to particate. Provided are two statements released by Donald Trump in the wake of Mr. Jon Huntsman and Dr. Ron Paul declining to participate.


"As I said in the past and will reiterate again, Ron Paul has a zero chance of winning either the nomination or the presidency," Trump said in a statement in response to Paul, adding, "my poll numbers were substantially higher than any of his poll numbers, at any time."
Continue Reading

"Few people take Ron Paul seriously and many of his views and presentation make him a clown-like candidate," he said. "I am glad he and Jon Huntsman, who has inconsequential poll numbers or a chance of winning, will not be attending the debate and wasting the time of the viewers who are trying very hard to make a very important decision."

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1211/69693.html#ixzz1fW...

These statements are further evidence that the level of political discourse in America continues to sink to new low. By selecting a reality television celebrity (on the same level of seriousness as Kim Kardashian) to moderate a presidential debate is of the poorest taste. The candidates who are seeking the highest office is in the land deserve better, and so do the American people. As a result of your selection, and the statements quoted above, I no longer plan to tune in to this debate unless you appoint a new moderator.

With sincere dissappointment and disgust,

-1st Lieutenant Philip D. Olson, United States Air Force.

Principle over Party!

You are forgetting that the

You are forgetting that the POTUS is nothing more than a Puppet for the Banksters. Except Congressman Paul of course :), which will soon be President Paul.

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

Well written...

Would love to see Trump's response if he were dumped as host.

A bit of theory in the midst of a Great Practice

Ron did not have a choice. The problem is that the real rulers do not want to make any concessions whatsoever, they keep attacking. It seems to me that Trump is only another provocation for Ron Paul, which he handles just perfectly. It is scary that these policy makers want only war with the rest, which is going to be painful.

My only concern is that I do not see young people who will take the responsibility and continue Ron's struggle in future. Most prominent Ron's followers, like Tom Woods, Rand Paul do not seem to have a clear vision and steps to reach it, as Ron does. (Here, I do not think that steps/means should be justified by the end, but the means should be part of the goal themselves.) Of course, it is not good for any movement to have multiple leaders, but, it should have many pillars for the sake of robustness, let's say the human infrastructure.

Once on the Family Feud show...

One of the questions on the "lightning round" was "on a scale of one to ten, how much do you respect Donald Trump?"

The #1 answer was "one." I kinda got a kick out of that - I'd have said zero, but that wasn't an option. :-)

Freedom is my Worship Word!



The reality TV host

will have to get his ratings some other way. He sees the attention Ron Paul gets when the MSM ignores him - he wants the same attention for his rather large ego. I have a sense he doesn't get told "No" very often.

Gotta trust Ron Paul - especially if we expect him to be president and make much more meaningful decisions.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Paul needs to make up for this regardless

If he is the only mainstream candidate that backs out, he needs to make up for this.

The Jay Leno interview after he was snubbed in NH comes to mind.

I think if he can get some time on another show, preferably at the same time that this debacle airs, he can take whatever air out of this debate.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
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Probably he'll get some time on The Daily Show with Jon

Stewart :)


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