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Introducing RonPaulCountry.com - A new web tool to improve organization of the Ron Paul grassroots

We would like to introduce Ron Paul Country, the new web tool for:

  • locating and contacting fellow Ron Paul supporters and activists nationwide,
  • organizing events promoting Ron Paul
  • increasing turnouts at events promoting Ron Paul.

Please watch the video we made about RonPaulCountry.com to get a brief overview of what we're doing for the Ron Paul community and how we're doing it:


The goal of RonPaulCountry.com is to bring together all the Ron Paul supporters, activists, and leaders into one place with a general idea of everyone's location (only city, state, county, and zip are required to register), so that we can help mobilize our troops into any part of the country where help is needed!

RonPaulCountry.com makes it possible to map and contact Ron Paul supporters nationwide, to suggest events, to enter events into our master calendar, and to help organize and promote events more efficiently anywhere in the country.

To locate and communicate with Ron Paul supporters, RonPaulCountry.com allows you to:

  • map Ron Paul supporters/activists nationwide (location marker for each reg. user),
  • search for Ron Paul supporters by State, County, and Zip code,
  • contact other Ron Paul Supporters via private messages,
  • enter a Ron Paul event into our master events calendar (or contact site admins with an event to promote)
  • send out emails (via Site Admins) to Ron Paul supporters located near a Ron Paul event you want to promote

We send out notices about all Ron Paul events on our master calendar to our site users located within 30-100 mile radius of the event location (depending on event magnitude)

To register with RonPaulCountry.com, every user is required to submit:

  • working email (activation link is sent there),
  • City,
  • County,
  • State,
  • and Zip code.

(Emails are kept private and are not visible to other users. Only your State, County, City, and Zip are visible via the map markers. You can choose a City/Zip of a neighboring town if you are concerned about privacy.)

Aside from those organizational features, the site also offers

  • early-state info (election data from 2008, donation data from FEC for Q2 and Q3 2011, and Campaign Headquarters info)
  • Iowa Events feeds
  • New Hampshire Events feeds
  • Ron Paul News feeds
  • Ron Paul Twitter feeds
  • RealClearPolitics poll feeds for IA and NH
  • site statistics (top user registrations by state, users registered over time)
  • site invite and referral features
  • webcasts

To promote RonPaulCountry.com in Iowa (as well as Ron Paul and the Caucus date), we had launched print and online ads at the Iowa State University, The University of Iowa in Iowa City, and the University of Northern Iowa:

RonPaulCountry.com has been developed and is being managed exclusively by Ron Paul volunteers and activists to improve grassroots organization, to help grassroots leaders promote Ron Paul events, and to help all Ron Paul supporters organize events in their local communities. As highlighted above, we have the capability to send out location-targeted emails to Ron Paul supporters located near any event submitted to us.

Site development and improvement is still on-going, and we're absolutely open to feedback for new features or for improving what we have currently. We want to be as useful as possible to grassroots leaders anywhere in the nation.

Most importantly, please go to RonPaulCountry.com and SIGN UP.

The faster we grow and develop, the bigger difference we can make in improving grassroots organization, improving communication, and getting people together in the time that we have left before early-state contests and beyond.

We thank the Daily Paul for all the work they have done and are doing for Ron Paul Community, and we appreciate this opportunity to introduce RonPaulCountry.com as a brand new tool for the benefit of the Ron Paul Community.

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Looking for Actress


We are currently looking for an actress (preferably blonde) willing to volunteer for a upcoming promotional video on Ron Paul Grassroots and www.RonPaulCountry.com

This is a follow up video to our initial promo vid that you can see here;


If you are interested please contact us at ronpaulcountry (dot) com or through the contact form on the website.

In Liberty,


Happy Holidays from RonPaulCountry.com!

Happy Holidays to all. Thanks to the Daily Paul's support and promotion, we're steadily approaching 2,000 volunteers and activists nationwide. Join today to be connected, if you haven't yet.

We need grassroots leaders to enter their events in our master calendar of events. Same goes for all Ron Paul supporters who know of local Ron Paul events in their area! If you are registered, you can enter those events in our calendar. Otherwise, submit event info via the site contact form: http://www.ronpaulcountry.com/contact

Merry Christmas!

Mr. Smith. :-) Lol

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for Liberty!

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Thank you all so much

I really believe this kind of site and the cooperation and ACTION that it can be used to congregate will be critical in this campaign. If I didn't think it was something worth helping, I wouldn't have done the vid.

By the way, even though I am in the vid, it is not my website. Some people seem to have gotten the wrong impression. I volunteered to help, which is a pretty standard thing for President Paul supporters to do isn't it.

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Since my name and over 1 milion other Texans

Had our person/private data compromised for over a year... including SS#, I've been quadruple cautious about signing up for a website that doesn't have "encryption"(?).

I'm absolutely thrilled to see the creation of this site, and I truly appreciate your hard work to get it established, and I, myself, have asked for something like this.

And before I join, can you speak to the 'privacy mechanism' you're using? Will truly appreciate your response.

Susie 4 Liberty

We don't ask for any sensitive data to register

What's required to register is: your email, city, state, county, and zip (you can even use your neighboring town and its zip, if you're extra paranoid :-)). Your name, street address, and phone are OPTIONAL but not required.

Only your username, city, state, and county are considered "public" and visible on our map markers and your profile. ALL other information, should you choose to provide it, is kept private. See our privacy policy on www.ronpaulcountry.com/about - we do not share any personal information without expressed consent (i.e., we ask you first).

So, registering with RonPaulCountry.com is no different than registering with the Daily Paul or other activist sites. We require minimal information - just enough for us to do our job effectively.

Please help promote it

It's a great tool, please help promote it on Facebook, Twitter and any other way you can!

Twitter: @Samuel_E_Amer

Working Together To Restore The Republic

thanks for your efforts and this posting..


Great to see the two of you working on this!

I registered a while back but will have to give this a second look.

You two are looking great in the video ;)

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This is how we'll win

Everyone needs to remember that this is how you win elections, not by getting into long drawn out debates on internet forums or even in real life with that friend/co-worker that just won't get convinced. We need to organize, reach the community, and persuade those that are on the fence or don't know much about Paul, leave those who call him crazy, or hate him.

Even those that aren't in early primaries should concentrate on this, remember that if Paul's national polling numbers go up then he will be considered a lot more by people who vote in early primaries.

Gonna make it international later?

Interesting idea! Any plans to make this international? I'm an American in Tokyo. There are 40,000 American ex-pats in Tokyo alone that can probably vote, but I have no idea about how to reach these people.

1400 Registered Volunteers,

1400 Registered Volunteers, great job guys.

Thank You

for all your hard work in putting RonPaulCountry.com together. What a great idea. I can see you've been putting in a lot of time building that. Your efforts are much appreciated by all of us.

Is there a glitch?

I signed up this AM, one of the first. I saw myself, clicked the email. Tonight I'm no longer on.

How sad. Rejected after all these years! ;)

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Re[love]ution & Renaissance

Use this form to submit your

Use this form to submit your bug so that they can fix the problem regarding your registration;


Are there problems getting the email?

Great idea! I signed up for Florida. I see my red dot on the main page map. I see the message that says, check your email for additional instructions. And...

I've been waiting two hours, but no email. (Yes, I checked the junk file, too; not there.) Is there a problem? Thanks, Mary

Contact the administrators

Contact the administrators through the contact form on the site if you are running into any problems registering.


I don't think it should be

I don't think it should be called a "war room." It sends the wrong message.

Check out LibertyHQ, where I aggregate the all best articles on libertarianism by topic! For now, the "Issues in Libertopia" section is the most developed. Find a link to it below:


How about...

How about the "Situation Room".. lol

great idea!

doesnt work, but great idea.
chat is full
response is VERY slow
signed up - nowhere to enter password but password needed to login
try to get passwrd emailed to me and tells me my email doesnt exist.

Jackson County Georgia

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everything works for most - just contact us, we'll help

Sorry you've had some trouble - we'll be happy to help. As orenbus said, please submit the contact form, and we'll be glad to resolve any problems.

Trouble reports have been few and far between, so this isn't normal behavior, but there are cases where things don't gel. We'll work through that with you.

If you are having problems

If you are having problems registering or with the site please contact us, using the contact form at the top right of the main page. There is also a link at the very bottom of the page. Thanks.


Great For Event Planning

event planning. exactly what the dailypaul is missing.

Great Work

I am really impressed with what you have done and will be signing up. Very creative. Many thanks for your efforts.

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Is that you in the video DAS?

I mean Mr. Smith? Looks good. Great job on the video!

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Nope :-)

In the video are our content collaborators A_G1RL and memefilter, who also do a webcast on our site every Wed and Sun.

Looks slick!

Just based on viewing the video, this looks pretty slick! I will head over to the website now. Thanks!

Merry Christmas and Happy

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at RonPaulCountry.com :)