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Des Moines Register latest poll ... Paul 2nd at 18%

Paul 18
Gingrich 25
Romney 16


Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich has carved out a clear lead in what’s become a three-candidate race in Iowa, according to The Des Moines Register’s new Iowa Poll.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul has risen into second place, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has slid to third with just over a month before the Iowa caucuses kick off voting in the presidential nominating process.

Gingrich has support from 25 percent of likely Republican caucusgoers, Paul is at 18 percent and Romney at 16 percent.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann ties with retired Georgia business executive Herman Cain at 8 percent.

The poll was conducted before Cain suspended his candidacy on Saturday.


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He polls slightly lower

We all know the good Doctor will get more votes than these polls predict (probably about 4 to 8 percent difference). Gingrich will keep growing from here, then start dropping off in a few weeks (just like Bachmann, Perry, Cain). Honestly, the biggest challenge is still to beat the super wealthy candidate (Romney). As Ron Paul himself said "we want to surge RIGHT BEFORE the caucuses." We're in PERFECT positioning right now. If we see Chairman Paul in 1st in these polls, we'll see all kinds of terrible lies and attacks on him. We can still sneak in and steal the win as long as the MSM is comfortable.

The poll may take into

The poll may take into account likely caucus-goers, but we know that all Paul supporters will make it there no matter what happens because they we are so dedicated. Any of the other candidates' supporters may say that they are going, but will not make it a priority like we do.

is this an outright lie?

edit....answered my own question. :)

In Iowa Today...

The first of many caucus go'ers voted for thier primary candidates for the POTUS. Gingrich garnered 13% of the vote stiffing Romney who got 10%. Bachman faired well with 6% even though she dropped out on 3 January. Cain got 2% even though he also ceases his campaign in early December, while Santorum recieved 1%.

Ballot counters were unable to count the other 68% of the votes cast, citing thier inability to read, write or complete arithmatic. The counters were sent back to thier regularly scheduled government jobs in the public school system. Weather is next after a word from our sponsors.




Here is an interesting tab in the poll ...

20% of those polled have actually seen Bachmann face to face on the campaign trail.
15% have seen Paul.
12% have seen Santorum and Romney.
10% have seen Gingrich.

Since I know there is no doubt that Paul has shook twice more hands than anyone, I think the poll has probably discounted the young people on campus that I know Paul favors when he visits.

It will be interesting to see if Paul can get those youngsters to vote.

It is so extremely hard to get them to the actual ballot box.

If Paul pulls it off, I bet he wins running away.

He is polling at 26% in the under 35 crowd.


Is saying that now there is a race between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

All because Romney is third.

Behind who!!!!!!!!!!

Most Frustrating! How Can We Get Around the 1%? We Need to

Own Our own newspaper and television network. We would call it "Real News, reliable news you can count on." I know it isn't possible due to the costs. Isn't there anyone out there that supports our cause that can help us out here. Banners over freeways "Ron Paul Wins Iowa" The way things look we might have to get banners out in every city and state reporting the news that "Ron Paul Won Iowa" "1% Refuses to Report the News" "1% Have Picked Your Next Nominee" "1% Have Picked Your Next President" Get the Blimp Out and flying over Iowa, Ron Paul Won - 1st Place in Iowa. Massive rallys throughout the United States on January 7th, a Saturday announcing to the world "Ron Paul Won Iowa"



And, when he goes into first, they'll report 2nd and 3rd. Of course, no one will notice the discrepancy. Go figure.. : -/ We'll see. Excitin'.

'13th floor politics': minute: 2:05



Take a look at this. Title of the article: "GOP field narrowing to Romney, Gingrich"

11th paragraph says: "Gingrich with the support of 25% of likely Republican Iowa caucus-goers. Paul, who was at 18%, overtook Romney, who fell to third at 16%"

It's sad. I don't understand how Ron Paul is not mentioned in the title.

CNN: "Gingrich ahead in IA...Romney drops to third"

LOL...Just keep ignoring Paul. We didn't need you to get where we are, anyway.



If you go to MSN.com right now, you'll see the headline, "Iowa Poll: Gingrich surges, Romney 3rd." Un Freakin' believable!

I have to wonder

I have to wonder just how well the poll took independents and disaffected democrates into consideration. On top of that, there are lots of Super Brochures which have not yet reached their targets at the time of the poll and there is the gone viral video from the Ron Paul campaign which many believe is devastating to Gingrich.

I for one would not count out a Ron Paul victory at all. His support is steady and growing and he has the best and hardest working organization in Iowa.

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Don't make excuses for these polls

We still have a lot of work to do. Perception is everything and if he is down in the polls and not on the verge of leading, people will vote for who they think can win. So yes, the polls mean something whether you like it or not.

I would also warn that this poll likely doesn't factor in the recent loss of Cain in the race. We won't see what will happen there for a few weeks.

That development in no way benefits us. We have to fight like we are 20 points behind until the last ballot is cast.

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RevPac had Ron Paul #1 several weeks ago - that included inde-

pendents and cross over dems. I think he has to be #1 now but we will work like he is 20 points under.


The folks behind these polls are part of the machine

Poll having Dr. Ron Paul in Iowa at 70% would sadly effect a lot of people losing their good jobs!

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

It's appalling that these crooks get any support at all.

ron paul should be pulling in no less than a 100% if people had any decency.

Take down!

Gingrich goin' down! Ron Paul wins Iowa for sure.



SteveMT's picture

Good to hear. Just one more place to go...1st!!!

With one more month to go, we can do it.

When are people going to

When are people going to realize that Newt is a guaranteed Dem victory?



10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

Herman Cain Endorsement

I'm starting to think that the best thing for RP in Iowa (outside of a direct endorsement by Herman Cain) is for Cain to bring another low-polling candidate (Bachmann, Santorum, Perry, Huntsman) into the fray and make them "viable".

It would disrupt the current Gingrich-Romney paradigm and spread the "establishment" vote thin enough for a definitive RP victory.

A Romney or Gingrich endorsement would be more disastrous. Especially if it was Romney, I believe...

I remember

I remember at one of the debates Herman would have picked Newt as Vice President for a answer to a silly vp question. I doubt Herman will endorse RP.

Cain will never ever endorse

Cain will never ever endorse Paul.

Don't forget that Ron Paul

Don't forget that Ron Paul was the only candidate to leave Cain's personal life alone and actually defend him.

Very interesting.

Thanks for that.


let Gingrich destroy himself. it will happen. Who can the media prop up then?

Then RP will take on Romney. And we win.

I doubt they will ever prop

I doubt they will ever prop up Ron Paul.

I believe their next flavor will be Santorum.