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ABC News Poll: Paul voted 'most trustworthy candidate', Paul 23%, Bachmann 17%, Gingrich 13%, Romney 12%.

A newly released Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that Ron Paul is the most trusted Republican candidate amongst likely voters and has firmly cemented his position as a top tier candidate.

Poll here--> http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/polls/postabcp...

The poll was conducted by telephone from November 30 to December 4. It has Paul tied in second place with Mitt Romney amongst likely Republican voters with 18 per cent. Newt Gingrich leads with 33 per cent, a figure likely to dwindle rapidly as his true political background is revealed.

Amongst likely voters, Ron Paul is seen as most honest candidate, beating Gingrich and Romney by 10 and 11 more percentage points respectively. The Texan Congressman is also more trusted than Romney amongst likely voters to handle immigration, the economy and social issues.

Paul’s sterling performance in the poll arrives on the back of his strong second placed finish in a significant survey commissioned by the Des Moines Register newspaper. The poll of likely Iowa GOP caucusgoers also found that Paul is the “most principled” candidate.

The notion that Ron Paul is now a top tier candidate with a serious shot at challenging for the Republican nomination is even being accepted by establishment media talking heads who have done their best to ignore Paul’s campaign at every turn.


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Most interesting result was . . .

To me, the most interesting result was the quality of support for a stated candidate---we DPers have known this for quite some time, but this poll quantifies it nicely.

Among the top three (Gingrich, Paul and Romney), Ron paul had the most people who will "definitely support" (50%, vs. 37% for Gingrich and 28% for Romney); and the least people with a chance they will change their mind (48% for Paul vs. 59% for Gingrich and 70%[!] for Romney).

Also, Ron Paul had the most people who are "Very enthusiastic" about their candidate (30% for Paul, 27% for Gingrich and 15% for Romney).

I can't understand pundits who still say "Romney will most likely win the nomination," when 70% of his supporters in this poll say they could change their minds, and only 15% are very enthusiastic about him.

We know this is because most Ron Paul supporters do so because they understand the real meaning of liberty and understand the principles on which this country was founded. Others just don't get it--they are influenced by the "issue of the day," and not true principles.

Ron Paul is unlikely to lose many supporters to either Gingrich or Romney, but I think there is plenty of opportunity for Ron Paul to pick up some of their supporters, if we just put the truth in front of them and let them absorb it!

Lot of interesting data up

Lot of interesting data up here, it shows we need to work harder to explain Ron Paul's views on foreign policy.

Huge PR Sham...Polls Are Rigged..Paul Will Win In Landslide!

Most of the polls are corporate run, establishment polls. There is no way people who do not trust someone like Newt, will vote for him. Newt is out of money and more importantly, Newt has not put together a significant ground game. How the hell is he going to get his people to caucus?

I think this is a massive PR stunt to make Gingrich the front runner. He is not the front runner, Ron Paul is and has been the entire election cycle.

Really this is all about psychological brainwashing. Gingrich has no support outside of Donald Trump, Rosh limberger, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren (crooked mouth) and most of the Fox News shills.

In all of political history, no one has been able to win the nomination without significant money and troops on the ground.

I haven't met one SOB at work that likes or will support Newt.

How do you win a nomination with all this baggage just based on the debates. Most people don't even watch the friggin debates.

I say Ron Paul will eat Newts lunch and close his Tiffany account down..

Dont be so sure......

In 2007-2008, Ron Paul was winning straw polls too, and dominating the Internet by a wide margin. He was also clearly winning and dominating the televised debates (and in my opinion his performances were more concise, sharper, and more memorable and impressive back then).

Yet on voting day, all the old-school, FOX-News, Ditto-head, Neocon GOP voters come out of the woodwork and vote for the mainstream Establishment candidates. Ron Paul came in 5th-place.

Old voters are very set in their ways, and do not adapt well to changing conditions. People who watch FOX News or listen to talk-radio are going to think dropping BOMBS on Iran, and detaining innocent people without any rights are the most imprtant things in the world.

Ron Paul's organization is better this time around. But with Gingrich dominating the News and leading in every poll -- there really is no reason for over-confidence.

American voters have never been smart before.
It's a long road to a Revolution.

let's be realistic....

yeah, he was over-represented in straw polls and internet traffic, but he wasn't consistently leading in major polls in early primary states like he is today.

keep on fighting, one more month of hard campaigning until we see the fruits of our efforts pay off.

Great! Now Jesse, be ready

Great! Now Jesse, be ready for ads and actions that try to knock down RP's trustworthiness... that's how it works of course.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

"I don't trust Newt but I'll vote for him."


I was going to say almost the exact same thing.

How can people vote for a person they don't trust....that doesn't even make sense. That's like a bitch punching you in the face and telling you it wasn't him, then you believing him.

How can...

...Gingrich and Romney even be in double digits with this?

That is how

Many people are addicted to the TV and do what it tells them.


Ron Paul has arrived.

He's on the Main Stream Media now... as covered positively and respectfully by Scott Pelley on CBS news tonight.

Let. That. Sink. In.

Ron Paul has arrived.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


this is why I am unsure the brochure model is ideal

for spreading the message with the most cost effective means. People are going to watch tv and they will not change the channel if a commercial comes on most times either. BUT, political junk mail, throw it away. I have purchased two areas for the suprebrochure and $50 or so for the rev pac thing. But, I am wondering if this is really the best use of our money when as you plainly have put it, "many people are addicted to the tv and do what it tells them." I sure hope I am wrong cause that would be a few hundred dollars that could have gone to the campaign for commercials and instead went to a piece of mail that gets thrown in the trash.


The Phone Bank is THE #1 thing that can help Paul.

If you haven't done it, DO IT!

MOST advertising is a waste of money

MOST job interviews are a waste of time.
With any luck my car insurance will turn out to be a waste of effort.

The point is, a SiGNiFiCANT FRACTiON of those brochures and those video spots will NOT be wasted and they WiLL touch minds and "start brushfires."

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

this is what i am talking about

this is the angle that the campaign should play up. people dislike politicians because they are untrustworthy. But not Ron Paul. You can trust Ron Paul

I trust the other candidates

to remain neocon shills.

Integrity is going to play a

Integrity is going to play a bigger part in this campaign than people realize and no one has the least bit of it other than our guy.

I Agree!

I think so too Austrolib. It seems as though I'm seeing a lot of people start to take a closer look at Dr. Paul once they see how consistent and honest he is. I also think they like the fact that he's a man who "tells the people like it is" and has integrity in spades. The mere idea of having a POTUS who actually does what he says he will and isn't playing any B.S. political or power games is a refreshing thought!

Why does it say Paul in the lead on the header

and Newt in the lead below?

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Very good news.

The campaign is reaching a peak at the right time in Iowa. Things are going great, but that means we have to work harder.

Thanks for posting this article.


When you see the "finish line" you don't slow down you give it every single bit you have got left in you.

We can help Ron Paul win and the country will be better for it people one day are going to remember the US Internet lead revolution.

I just went and gave 20.12 its all I can put up right now not because of Christmas but because of food :) but I just didn't feel right typing what I did above with out donating.

Sometime I think they run these polls just to stir something up


Oh yeah Newter is in the lead. :)

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.