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Herman Cain Supporters Flock To Ron Paul

An online community created in support of Herman Cain for president has now shifted its allegiance to Congressman Ron Paul, notes Revolution PAC. The administrator of HermanCainForums.com, a website with more than 18,000 registered members, publicly endorsed Rep. Paul Saturday following news that Cain dropped from the Republican primary race.

“I had always liked a lot of what Ron Paul advocates. I don't agree with him on everything but probably 90 percent,” the administrator, identified by the screen name 'Constitution,' said in a post Saturday. “I am going to encourage all Ron Paul supporters to come here and openly support Ron Paul … He is now my new official candidate for president.”

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Making stupid accusations

Making stupid accusations like that will be picked up by the media as fact, that site is not fredthompson forums, there were many Cain supporters there in fact 3 people there were on herman cains paid campaign staff.

Stop saying stupid shit like that

I want to say in the long run

I want to say in the long run this scam of Paul supporters pretending to be Cain supporters turning to Paul is going to bite us in the ass.

But then again the people largely favor Newt Gingrich so maybe they are too ignorant to ever figure it out.

There are a few former Cain supporters hanging around there

but mostly people that were already supporting Ron Paul now. Don't know if they have left the site altogether or that it was never as popular as this article suggests. There were like 9 people there a few minutes ago, and I think all were RP folks.

There is over 100 people

There is over 100 people there right now, I have never seen less than 40 people there ever.

may be 100 from here following this post

but I registered and was on there for hours, and there were 9 members online when I left.