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NYT censorship conspiracy?

I just sent an email to the NYT editors (nytnews@nytimes.com) about what seems obviously a censorship conspiracy. The email was titled NewYorkTimes.com censorship conspiracy?


Why are the comments at this NYT article about Ron Paul not being posted?


I attached a screenshot to this email, which says "an error has occurred, please try again later". I have tried again and again. I thought this was suspicious, so I immediately went to this NYT article about Herman Cain, and my comment posted immediately (but after just looking, my comment has been deleted? ps. the comment at the NYT article about Herman Cain only said "Ron Paul".)


So I immediately tried again at the NYT article about Ron Paul, and the comment won't post ("error"). Is this because it's night time and the NYT doesn't have staff available to censor/delete posts of commenters' opinions that might not be the NYT opinion? Or is this because the NYT is purposely trying to pre-emptively censor commenters' opinions about Ron Paul?

Ron Paul will win 2012. Get ready for it. :)

This is the comment I have tried to post:

- Iowa GOP straw poll: Ron Paul 2nd: 27% Paul, 28% Bachmann (only 200 more votes than Paul, which is statistically a tie for 1st). (17,000 participants , $30/each)
- Iowa NFRA straw poll: Ron Paul wins: 82% Paul, 14% Cain. (400 participants)
- Iowa Dubuque Tea Party straw poll: Ron Paul wins: 52 votes Paul, 24 votes Newt. (90 participants)

Real in person Iowa voters using real votes, not telephone polls of likely voters (which is what Newt has only "won".) Unlike Bachmann, Paul's popularity has steadily increased. Ron Paul is the real Iowa front-runner (no one else.)

Ron Paul has the most support of young voters, male and female; Ron Paul has the most support of Dems and Indy's who are finished with Obama's lies; Ron Paul has the most support of active U.S. military, more than all other Repubs and Obama combined; Ron Paul has the best groundgame in Iowa - real grassroots support, highly-organised and effective; Ron Paul has a huge amount of supporters who will show up to vote in person using real votes in any kind of weather no matter what.

Ron Paul will win Iowa, and the mainstream media will become near-schizophrenic attempting to downplay it. Because candidates are elected by voters using real votes. Most of Newt's "popularity" is manufactured through controlled telephone polls of "likely" voters – he has nowhere near the real support Ron Paul has.

Ron Paul will win 2012. Get ready for it. :)

Anyone else having any problem with commenting at the NYT?

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