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User Registration Opened at HotAir.com - today only

Hotair.com is a highly influential and very popular conservative site (Alexa 3620 vs. 3290 for whitehouse.gov and 7099 for DP).

It has a sprinkling of pro-Ron Paul supporters.

You may or may not know this, but they've had user registration closed for a long time.

They've opened up registration today only until 4pm ET.

Register if you like, remembering you need to keep in mind your audience when you try to win people over.

You don't have to immediately start posting "I love RP" comments. Just keep the account in reserve for the occasional post. Or just blast the non-Ron Paul candidates.

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It's open again


They opened it again just for today.

Let's register to be able to defend Ron Paul when required.

Be careful

with your first comment as they see what your first comment will be before they allow you to keep your registration.

You can already tell what kind of site this is. Used to be a daily stop for me, now I can't stand it.

But if you want to contend, make your first comment vanilla-flavored.

You're right. Just like when

You're right. Just like when you start a new job, you don't start making "suggestions" the first day.

Get acquainted. Get known. Then make comments about how the gummit is getting too big.

Agreed. Tread lightly...

...you are entering the lion's den.