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My dad said that David Letterman aired Ron Paul's Big Dog.

My father said that David Letterman was talking about Ron Paul last night and aired his Big Dog commercial while on the show.... Does anyone have video of last night show with David Letterman?

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,,He was knocking lots of

,,He was knocking lots of candidates, and none was that funny, but hey, he mentioned Ron's name and it said RP 2012, so I am glad of it, silly or not.

Based on Letterman's personal life,

I'd peg him as a Cain or Gingrich fan.

At the 9:50 mark

Not very funny, but media attention is media attention.


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What he aired was an adulterated version.


He did

Yes, Letterman did showcase Ron Paul's ad last night, but not entirely. The show changed parts of the ad to make fun of the ad and of Ron Paul. They compared him in likeness to Smeagol from Lord of the Rings, and added other irrelevant nonsense in there too. It's typical of the show, and I wouldn't view this as Letterman liking Ron Paul in any way shape or form. In fact, he's making it pretty clear that he dislikes Paul.

yes he did - with a few changes, of course

among other things, it showed Gene Hackman being blown up like the Dept of Ed, etc. And it asked what Paul had for dinner - fish sticks, of course.

Sorry - don't have the video

no way!

I'd like to see that too!