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Lets not forget the other states

Guys, just looked at a bunch of new polls from PPP released this morning. They aren't my favorite pollster but at least in Iowa they are in court with the other polls so I doubt they are too far off the mark with the other states:

CO: 6% NC: 7%

Another pollster (probably local) called Winthrop reports for SC RP at 4% and a PPP from a couple weeks back had him at 5%.

SC is an early state and is almost as important as IA and NH. Yet we are trailing very badly and I think it foolhardy to count on a bounce after IA and NH to make up all the ground.

It would be a shame if RP came in 2nd in IA and NH (and we hope its first in both) only to be drubbed in SC.

My following of the other states show that in most cases we are bouncing between 5 and 9%.

January 3, 2012 18% Iowa (caucus)
January 10, 2012 16% New Hampshire (primary)
January 21, 2012 5% South Carolina (primary)
January 31, 2012 5% Florida (primary)
February 4, 2012 7% Nevada (caucus)
February 4–11, 2012 5% Maine (caucus)
February 7, 2012 6% Colorado (caucus)
?%Minnesota (caucus)

Others of recent vintage:

OH: 5%
PA: 9%
AZ: 8%
MI: 8%
CA: 6%

The Maine number is surprising too. Let's kick it into gear and start hitting some of these other early primary states too.

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Yes! Fox is already positioning

Yes! Fox is already positioning a Paul win in Iowa as an oddity. If Ron Paul wins in Iowa, the MSM will still talk about who came in second and third, and skip ahead to NH.

Ron Paul needs a 1-2 punch. Iowa plays to our strengths -- organizing and commitment -- and the MSM knows this. Trump said as much yseterday (paraphrase) "He'll do okay in Iowa but no where else." We need to disprove this dismissal with a win in a voting state.

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You are right

Of course other states are also important, however I think one of the main reasons people do not want to vote for Ron Paul is because of that whole "not electable, wasting a vote BS" so if we can get him a win in Iowa others will see that other people are voting for him and it is not really wasting a vote.

But I do agree we need to get some numbers up in other states. Thats why I plan on buying some FL and SC brochures with my next paycheck. But I think all in all we are on the right track.

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