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Newt " flying by the seat of his pants" just might miss the cut?

Newt Gingrich might have an issue meeting a deadline to be present on the Ohio ballot. Ohio is a key state in the process.

Time for the Ron Paul grassroots to work harder than ever to make sure we do all we can to close the door.


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I am having fun in the comments section over there :p

This is great news but at the

This is great news but at the same time we need to realize that Romney and his gang has it Ts cross and i dotted. Which means we need to be very organized in every state so we can get the delegates. Otherwise Romney will pull what Ron Paul tried in 08.

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Now You Know

It's even more difficult for Libertarians and other alternative party candidates to get on ballots. Only the LP regularly gets on all the state ballots, and then, not every time.

This is a sign that Gingrich doesn't have any money or organization, and he wasn't serious to start with, for sure.

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I agree

This certainly goes to show Newts only purpose was to filter out people that might choose Ron Paul as an alternative through top tier attrition fallout.

He is the stop gap and now faced with a flood of neoconservatives looking for a safety net or a branch to hang onto.

He is collapsing with his rag tag campaign and this is all good news for Ron Paul.

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