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Request Campaign Donations as Xmas Gifts

If you're like me, you have relatives pestering you for Xmas gift ideas. (Grrr, I hate the Xmas gift culture!!) This year, I'm doing what I did in 2007 — ask for donations to Ron Paul's campaign. In 2007, relatives donated about $150 to the campaign for me. I recommend that everyone do the same this year.

In typical years, I ask for donations to local charities, which yields $100-150/year. Please give it a try — for the campaign this year and for local charities in the future. (Silver bullion is my backup gift for those who insist.) Like me, I'm sure you already have too much crap as it is. It's a good feeling to open a card on Xmas saying a donation has been given on your behalf. In the case of the campaign, it's given in the name of the actual donor, which expands the donor list. Spread the word!!

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good idea

I'm asking family for Ron Paul t-shirts and signs and give them the official ronpaul2012 web site to shop from....if I'm lucky, I'll get a few more converts and maybe a t-shirt or 2....

Just Be Careful

Campaign finance laws don't let you donate for someone else, so either they have to give you the money for you to do with as you will, or donate in their name, as a gift to you.

If you ask people to give you money to give to a campaign, you become a committee and have to file campaign reports, so make sure they are giving the money to you, for you, not for Ron Paul. (Same for people here asking for money.)

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Please clarify


If someone donates to the campaign in their name in lieu of giving me a gift, is that considered giving a donation on my behalf? No money passes through my hands, and they're not making the donation to fulfill an obligation to me since giving me a gift is optional.

Thanks for your feedback.