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Easy way for university students to win over the masses during finals!

So I'm studying at college right now and we are just starting finals :(

Anyways at my college each class has a listserv (meaning there is a special email address that forwards an email to all students in the class) typically used for when the teacher needs to send a notice, but also students use it to request notes if they missed a class.

I type all my in-class lecture notes in a simple word document and I am planning on adding a footer to each page of my notes "Ron Paul 2012 - Restore America Now" with a link to the official website and DP - then I will convert the word docs to PDF and email them freely to all the other students in my class.

This way my classmates will get something they need (lecture notes) and the message of liberty will be spread on each page.

I recommend that all other students do the same!