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ThyBlackMan needs some comments-misguided author "Ron Paul, Why Not Some Say…"

Closes the article with: "...The constitutional conservative camp can and must do better than Ron Paul..."

see ht tp://thyblackman.com/2011/12/07/ron-paul-why-not-some-say/

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Actually there are several who write on TBM

This particular author is misguided, hence the opportunity to educate.

Several others contribute material over there and have been increasingly favorable to RP.

So I say continue to educate and reach out to a segment of the population that can make a difference at the voting booth in addition to the other obvious benefits of learning about personal and economic freedom in the process.

the guy starts out okay,

and hits a few good points.

But as the article moves along, it shows more lack of understanding and knowledge of the world, instead showing a neocon fantasy perception.
ThyBlackMan has some serious learning to do, but at least he seems willing to look at the issues so there may be some hope.

I think with more time and study ThyBlackMan might actually get aboard this train. But as it stands right now, he is accepting too much of the propaganda line, and not enough truth.


Don't comment or go to thyblackman's site. He has been attacking RP for a long time just to get hits to his site. The funny thing is that he is actually becoming more and more a RP supporter but don't let that forgive his past actions.