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Ron Paul Interview on CNN w / Brooke Baldwin

Congressman Ron Paul interviewed on CNN's 'America's Newsroom' with Brooke Baldwin 12-07-11


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The Best ending of an interview

I have ever seen by anybody. She set him up perfectly. Maybe that was the plan from the start.

Good interview.

Her challenging tone gave Ron the chance to respond directly to what others have been saying about him, almost like a counter-attack ad.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Megyn Kelly CLONE?

Wow, anyone else notice that this lady's style of speech and manner is absolutely identical to Megyn Kelly?

Wow, some of the comments

Wow, some of the comments about this reporter are over the line. Some are just downright misogynistic. Guys, she's doing her job. Did anyone see the Blitzer interviews of Gingrich and Perry immediately afterwards? They were just as pointed. I'm not saying the media isn't biased, but have a little respect. It's a reporter's JOB to ask tough questions and keep interviewees on their toes. Paul handled himself really well - nothing to worry about.

But this idea that every person in the media from top to bottom is in on some giant conspiracy...no. That's not how it works. Systems are too complex for that.

Point well taken. Actually, we should thank her...

After all, she contributed in her own way to make it awesome, even if that wasn't the intended outcome...

I love this new "Big Dog" persona

Dam* it, is Ron Paul taking attitude pills or something? He just turned the tables on that poor news gal! That was freaking awesome!

Go get 'em, Ron! And did you notice that he's jamming his talking points in there now? This is very, very cool and so encouraging.

Come on people, let's work those phones for a victory in Iowa (and beyond).

If you haven't gotten involved with phone from home yet, it's not too late!


Full Text of Netanyahu Speech to Congress

There is an important flaw in the argument Ron used during this interview. One that a more intelligent journalist could have exposed.

Ron paraphrases Netanyahu's speech to mean: "He does not want us meddling with their business, they can take care of themselves."

But if you read the transcript of Netanyahu's speech (http://www.algemeiner.com/2011/05/24/full-text-of-netanyahu-...), that's not accurate because Netanyahu praises the foreign aid and military assistance and urges the US to continue supplying Israel and helping them fight the war on terror.

Netanyahu does say that Israel can fight her own battles but what he really means is that Israel can fight her own battles so long as they have an endless supply of American gifts and money.

Keep in mind that I agree with Ron 100% on Israel but I just wanted to point out this oversight so that we don't all go around saying "Ron wants the same thing as Netanyahu!"

Hey Brook, is that all you got?

It was like RP was shooting skeet with a 12 gauge auto, every one a direct hit.

Hell yeah!

He owned that interview

"We don't need a Department of Energy; we need a Department of Freedom" - RP
"We need to defend liberty.. and liberty!" - RP


when he's on he's on...

What a snarky biased

What a snarky biased reporter. Nay, she doesn't report the news, she snarks.

What the Doctor cares about.

This is what makes Dr. Paul different from the other candidates.

He says "I am only concerned about me being able to convince people that we need to change our attitude in Washington, that the status quo won’t work, that we need a new foriegn policy, we need to look at the federal reserve, we need to balance our budget, we need to live within the rule of law, we need to care about civil liberties. That’s what I care about."

And you know that is what he cares about - that is what he is concerned about - convincing people about principles and policies.

Whereas you also know that what Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich really care about is becoming president. For them it is about wanting the position and the power. For Ron Paul it is about values.

She tried...and she tried....

but Dr. Paul just blew her house (of cards) down!

I have to say...I love him this way. When that man is "on" he is truly "ON".

What a deal...

THAT was a good interview.

Stupid paid-propagandist eye candy whore couldn't touch him today.

Sorry. Can't help it. Rude b*tch.

This is EXACTLY what I'm

This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about...

Whore? You do NOTHING for Dr. Paul's movement. Do you think he would ever go around calling women whores? Have some respect.

Hey, Brooke! How many fingers am I holding up?

SMACK-DOWN! Doctor Paul gave her exactly what she needed...the TRUTH! I love how these "journalists" are nothing more than glorified tabloid pimps. She's looking for "fighting words" and he's schooling her on WHAT IS IMPORTANT! The man is a blessing, period!

Sometimes I'm one of Ron's

Sometimes I'm one of Ron's biggest critics with message, but WOOOOW this may have been the best few minutes I've ever seen him ... confident, on message, unflappable, EN FEUGO! GO RON PAUL!


Dr.Paul really OWNED her! jeez.. he was on fire.


he really nailed it here...great answers. I'm sure that will get him a serious look if not conversion for fence sitters, as well as others who are just now taking a look at the candidates. He brought his A-game out today.

So satisfying ...

So satisfying to see him SWAT these Corporate drones to the mat.

These hired shills read their little pre-planned leading questions - questions designed by corporatist think tanks and CIA 'consultants' - and they keep pushing for him to fall into their transparent traps.

The man has truth on his side.

The OBVIOUS is on his side.

I love watching this, he keeps getting better and better at it!

He's getting good.

Another 3 point swish.

Edit: lol I just repeated the previous comment.

"I'm not boxed in, the American People are the ones Boxed in"

SLAM DUNK! SWISH! ..... Nothing but Net Dr Paul!!!

Dr. Paul nails it from the 3 point line!

"Yes we do need a full discussion on Israel"

SLAM DUNK! SWISH! ..... Nothing but Net Dr Paul!!!

"If the Jewish Prime minister says we don't need American troops to defend Israel, ... why am I not allowed to say that as well?"

SLAM DUNK! SWISH! ..... Nothing but Net Dr Paul!!!

"What I worry about are these careless wars"

SLAM DUNK! SWISH! ..... Nothing but Net Dr Paul!!!

[What about Newt?] "Well he is the flavor of the week"

SLAM DUNK! SWISH! ..... Nothing but Net Dr Paul!!!

[Is it frustrating to have Newt swoop in and charming the pants off these Iowans....does that bug you?]

"Easy come easy go, I don't think his support is all that solid."

SLAM DUNK! SWISH! ..... Nothing but Net Dr Paul!!!

That interview reminded me of one of those Carnival basketball games where Dr Paul just scored a perfect 100

And just to show off, the good Dr Paul rattles off at the end all his position points in rapid fire!!!.... LMAO !!!!


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Dr. Paul stayed on message and refused to be 'boxed'.

This woman kept trying to ignore his answers, but Dr. Paul masterfully stayed true to the message.

Thanks for posting.

I hope he continues to

I hope he continues to Netanyahu-bomb these morons. Stops 'em dead in their tracks.

That was a DAMN GOOD interview!

That was a "take no prisoners" interview right there! Ron was ON IT!!!

Post and re-post this one!

How's this for a 15 second sound bite.

I’m only concerned about me being able to convince people we need to change our attitude in Washington. That the status quo won’t work. That we need a new foreign policy. We need to look at the Federal Reserve. We need to balance our budget. We need to live within the rule of law. We need to care about civil liberties. That’s what I care about.

Bam! 15 seconds. Can you pay attention for 15 seconds?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Great closing line!

I thought that was a great closing line. Would work very well in a commercial.

That's exactly what I was so

That's exactly what I was so excited about. I've been trying to push it on Facebook since I first heard it. My punctuation was different, but I'm so glad he said this!

Former soldier, future teacher, and concerned American

Good Interview!

Brooke did a pretty fair job interviewing Ron. She seems pretty honest to me and she may even kinda like the good Dr. (as much as a media personality is allowed to).

He had pretty strong answers. My only wish was that he would have been much more assertive right away with the first question instead of going on and on and ending with something that sounded like he'll post a response on the internet.

I just wish he'd make a few more bold statements like we see him do in the debates at times. I'd like him to just say. "I am not anti-Israel by any stretch of the imagination. I believe in Israel and it's right to defend it's borders."

For some reason, he falls short of making strong assertions at times.

Overall, though, I thought it was a really good interview.

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Perception is funny ..

You watched this interview, and did not see right through the way these questions were designed to try and trap him?

Every single question is carefully crafted with built-in assumptions that Corporate Media has been brainwashing people with for *years*.

"We must support Isael on everything without question. If you suggest otherwise, you are at the very least un-American, and very possibly anti-semetic"

"[insert evil Middle East country here] is an obvious immediate and dangerous threat. The only way to make American's safe is to threaten to attack them, and support whatever we say. If you question that, you are the dangerous one and should be cast out"

"We are showing you numbers saying that [insert weekly establishment puppet candidate here] is definitely the one to take seriously. Looks like other Americans are making their choice. Arent you intimidated by this reality that you are not as serious as they are?

"Doesnt look like you have much of a chance ... especially given the fact that you are disagreeing with the version of "reality" that we are shoving down everyone's throats. Maybe you should give up"

Give me a break. Tell me you honestly don't see this by now.

Its almost always the same - especially during segments where they know that a certain middle of the road kind of cable TV junkie is most likely to be watching.

The assumptions are hard baked into the questions and approach. They are carefully crafted by professionals. She reads it exactly the way they hand it to her, and they coach her on how to spin the conversation carefully"

This is corporate mind-fucking at its most sophisticated.

And he is WINNING over it.

Watch it again