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Ron Paul Interview on CNN w / Brooke Baldwin

Congressman Ron Paul interviewed on CNN's 'America's Newsroom' with Brooke Baldwin 12-07-11


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Yeah, I know that they do that.

Yeah, I know that they do that.

I know the questions are carefully framed like always, but after the Bob Shieffer interview, this seems pretty balanced.

Bob, was so egregious and hostile about pushing his views onto the viewer, I thought in comparison Brooke was much better.

She was not mocking or dismissive. Yes, she did ask poignant questions, but that's actually their job. I don't believe they were really all that unfair and she didn't try to reshape his answers.

Plus, she's pretty.

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Glad you see it

I suppose after the Shieffer interview and plenty of others that have been done, this one seems like a kitten by comparison (and yeah not as hard on the eyes as Shieffer thats for sure!)

The thing is:

It's a matter of degree in the presentation. But not in substance.

It's definitely not OK that this kind of pre-scripted, carefully crafted manipulation masquerades as journalism in the 21st century.

People are conditioned to accept what they see on Big Cable as 'News'. It's not.

She is hired to disarm you - because she is articulate and pretty, and reads from the script very naturally to make it sound like the words are hers, and that she is doing a fair, balanced, off the cuff interview.

In reality - the whole presentation is designed to lull you into thinking all of that and accepting it, even though you might know its B.S.

In a free society with free journalism, the interview would have encompassed all kinds of other issues, with equally poignant and "hard hitting" questions ... all of which are conspicuously absent.

I almost feel like we must

I almost feel like we must have watched different videos. She seemed like she was doing everything to get RP defensive...not what I would call good interviewing.

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Ron Paul sends the message home in last 25 secs

Go Ron Go. The last 25 secs says it all. She was talking from the MSM Ron Paul playbook...

I say to her..."with all due respect ma'am you seem to put all your intelligent thinking in a box".

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

ObiRon Kenobi at his best.

Use the Force, Ron!


RP Super Brochure's picture

KVC, that was good!

I am down here in florida eating my bread and jam and you watch DP made me laugh before hitting the sack.

And you are right, that was amazing. i like the way he finished it off in those last 30 seconds. Man... What a man ...what a leader.

This time he knocked it out the park!

Love this man. He really was on his game today and defining for the people the issues and ideas that actually matter.

At some point I would like to see him point out that he is thinking about things in the world of reality where his opponents deal in fantasy.

He always has the facts to back up his arguments and history to boot. You can't deny the truth forever.

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He just schooled that b$&ch

She was a real cow. The good Dr just can't be had be these media clowns.

Go Ron Go!!!


Liberty = Responsibility

This comment is rude and not welcome

And to think you write "peace" in your signature. You better check yourself.

Have to disagree...

I think she liked what she heard.

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I absolutely love how he

I absolutely love how he takes advantage of his time to get the message out. For example the last question - instead of wasting the time talking about Newt he was able to get a goid chunck of his platform out instead.

Ron Paul needs to dust his

Ron Paul needs to dust his shoulders off after that one.

She did her best to make Ron

She did her best to make Ron Paul look bad. However, she was no match for his honesty, integrity and intelligence.

Dr. Paul was great, in spite of all her gotcha questions. He knocked each and everyone out of the park.

This interviewer is

This interviewer is horrible.. so many um's and eehhhhhhhhh's and ahhhhhhhhhhh's and stutters.. makes me want to rip my hair out


Think about it. Those very attributes are what prove that Ron is speaking from the heart, not reciting some tripe from some "handlers."

LOL, she was doing all those

LOL, she was doing all those um's and eehhhhhhhhh's and ahhhhhhhhhhh's and stutters because she wasn't getting the answers she was expecting and didn't know where to go next.

Ron Paul has been so consistent for so many decades that any question that's thrown at him will get an honest, direct answer. Something these talking heads aren't use to.

This Chick is so cheap ass........

All this girl learned in college is how to be condescending.


man oh man

He 100% nailed that interview.

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NAILED IT! Gawd I love to

NAILED IT! Gawd I love to see him put these media shills in their place. WTG Ron!

The American People Are In A Box!



He absolutely nailed that interview. Hopefully this will shut up some of those whiny beltway libertarians

- Liberty and Prosperity -

She had some tough Q's

and Ron was right on top with the responses.

Good for him to get some decent Airtime.

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Ron Paul is...Unshakeable...


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Ron Paul is the coolest 76

Ron Paul is the coolest 76 year old man in America. He needs to challenge people to bike races.

I won't even acknowledge the existence of these phony, unintellectual "newscasters" who pretend to be human beings. They are pretending to be delivering the news and they know it.

I have come here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... and I'm all out of bubblegum

Now that's more like it!!!

I was really mad about the last interview that RP did with Blitz because I felt like he was being soft on Newt at the same time he had just released the Serial Hypocrisy ad. This interview today was outstanding, and the flavor of the week decsription of Newt is exactly the kind of answer I like to hear! It would be great if RP could continue with this super confident I'm in it to win it mentality and stop answering questions about who he would support if didn't get the nomination.

Ron slammed it home with that

Ron slammed it home with that interview.

This was like

watching a third grader trying to take out the schoolyard bully. Ron Paul never batted an eye and slapped her around like the shameless shill she was. Good work, Dr. Paul. Your scalpel cut deep.


Amazing Amazing interview, crisp soundbites, great thinking on his feet as this chick threw some curveballs at him.

I was critical of the good Dr in the recent debate on huckabee, but boy does this interview make up for that performance.

Keep it going to victory in Iowa!!


Ron Paul 2012

Paul took a hatchet-job in

Paul took a hatchet-job in the making and hit it out of the park, love it.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."