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Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber and the Youth Vote

Editors Note: Granted there are other important issues for the youth of today, like getting a good education at a reasonable cost and the unemployment rate of this segment of the population, but wanted to address the three main issues affecting the youth of today where their voices aren't heard, but their vote can make a difference.

3 1/2 years ago during the run up to the 2008 Presidential election,  I wrote that Ron Paul should hire Britney Spears so he could get some media attention. Every media outlet was ignoring him then and subsequently the Republican Party decided to promote a candidate, John McCain, who knew absolutely nothing about economics as their choice to battle Barack Obama for the 2008 Presidential election. So it is today, that I take a different approach with those who may not know Ron Paul with an article to get the Justin Bieber youth to think about the issues and let them be the ones who begin to take control of their future.

Ron Paul in 2012 has earned respect by being right about the economy during his debates in the 2008 Presidential election and even prior to that time with continual warnings about the economy.  Yet today he is still dissed by the media in favor of Gingrich and Romney. Even over the weekend, after coming in second in an Iowa poll of Republican voters (his second time in as many weeks), the headlines read "Gingrich wins Iowa Poll, Romney drops to 3rd." Ron Paul doesn't get the headlines because mainstream media doesn't want him elected. This is obvious to anyone with an awareness of the candidates. But one must still disseminate what they hear from those who are adamantly against Ron Paul. Most of those however, you must be warned, are war loving neo-conservatives who represent the minority of Americans, and the majority of big business that profits from war.

Who Should You Vote For?

Should the youth of today vote in Ron Paul over Gingrich, Romney or even Barack Obama? Lets look at each candidates views on some of the most important issues to the youth today, the War on Terror (you might be drafted), the War on Drugs (a war we're not winning), and Social Security (paying into a system that may not be there for them in the future) and see who exactly is in their best interest. I include references to each candidates own words and provide video where I could. To get a full understanding on where each candidate is on each issue, please consider going to the website; "On The Issues."

Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama On the Issues Affecting the Youth Today In the Areas of; the War on Terror, Social Security and the War on Drugs

War On Terror (Obama administration calls it the "Overseas Contingency") 

Ron Paul

Says to bring our troops home - same thing he said last election

Foreign Occupation Leads to More Terror - We can't afford to blow up other countries and send in the Military Industrial Complex to fix it using our tax dollars when our bridges are failing.

Doesn't want to attack Iran

On the Draft; No reinstatement of the Draft (only because of our world dominance with troops in 130 different countries results in a possible troop shortage)

Military Service; Active duty flight surgeon from 1963-65; Air National Guard from 1965-68

Wants to end the Patriot Act restoring liberty in America.

Newt Gingrich

Read more at: http://bit.ly/RonPaulBieber

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