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Ron Paul: The Movie

Ron Paul: The Movie

Greetings, new 80 minute movie we posted on youtube.



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I started watching, and...

...couldn't stop. It was a trip down memory lane that I found inspiring, and reminding me of our commitment.

I'm disappointed by the negative, cool comments. This must have taken a lot of time, and I find it uplifting.

Thank you.

Educate yourself

Background Music Query

DArn! I really wanted to watch this but I'm pausing this at 4 min mark becuase I am having trouble hearing the dialogue through the background music. Does this get better? Is it just me having trouble (I am getting older!) or are others struggling with this too?

(Thank you for going to all the work of putting this together and no disrespect is intended for your effort, but, I'm just having trouble hearing the dialogue!)

Thanks for the feed back!

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Just watched it

A little late for me XD but it was a really nice watch for my Easter weekend!

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Value Creation

This is a great value.

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great job

Loved most all of it. a great follow-up to the "for liberty" movie.

I linked it to my Facebook page. nice.

That was GREAT!!!

It made me cry =)


I'm a little disappointed in this "movie." It looks like someone just downloaded a bunch of Ron Paul video from the web and put them all into one long video. I could've done that myself.

You could have done it yourself, but have you?

If so, post the link.

Nice effort, but...

It seems a bit disorganized. To me, for a movie this long, there should be more cohesiveness. Graphics throughout should help, but with all of the "borrowed" graphics in there, perhaps it's a little confusing.

There was a segment with Adam Kokesh where the nice background music just kinda died. I'd fix that. Also, I'd downplay some of the media blackout stuff and little clips like the Greta clip on Fox where it seems almost like paranoia to hint that they were messing with his cellphone or something.

I actually think the inclusion of full ads like the Chinese in Texas as was good. (The Ron Paul ads have been outstanding this time around!) But, less shorter clips that aren't vital to getting your point across.

Thanks! I appreciate your efforts.

Confused... who is the audience?

I only watched the first five minutes, but have to ask this... who is the target audience?

Since it started with Obama flip-flopping on the war, Guantanamo and torture, I assumed it would be going after the anti-war folks who previously supported Obama, to get them to go for Paul.

But then I heard Glenn Beck's voice. No way can you have that guy in a video where you're trying to appeal to the liberal anti-war types.

So, this seems like a Ron Paul supporter video. Is it?

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Maybe it's intended for everyone?

A general audience rather than specific.

If you make an updated

If you make an updated version, this is a much better of "What If" to use:


The one you use has "swiping" sounds that get REALLY annoying. In fact I skipped past it.

My favorite 'What If' has the

My favorite 'What If' has the music from Braveheart behind it (don't know the name). And I can't find it, but I have all of the others. It is such a powerful piece of music, such a feeling of urgency. It almost yells come together and act boldly, now. Just right.

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Oh, someone made a youtube

Oh, someone made a youtube playlist into one video...okay.

Better to have them concentrated

Rather than scattered about. It looks like they tried to have some focus on foreign policy.

This is so informative

as to just how deceived we the people have been, it could be called the Chumptifying of the American people. It is embarrassingly obvious to those who are paying attention, especially when you consider how much information is right out there in the open, it's as if there is an absolute willingness of many to be made fools of.

looks good so far


Started watching...

Started watching it...seems well put together.