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The Ron Paul Food Drive

* * * The Ron Paul Food Drive * * *

Bless the amazing people who are the grassroots activists.
Many you might want to get on-board with this effort:

Writes Laura Robeson:

"Just wanted to let you know about the Ron Paul Food Drive. We're combining grassroots action with voluntary charity to collect 10,000 lbs of food for those in need during these times of economic distress."

Thank you very much.


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This is good

How do we promote RP on the way? I already adopted a family to donate Christmas to which to donate Christmas dinner, how do we spread the message while we're doing it? I will gladly take over managing my capital city.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut


Come on everyone, this should be so easy for us! We just raised over a million dollars in one day, certainly we can collect 10,000 pounds of food in 15 days.

Come on guys and gals, we

Come on guys and gals, we only have 15 days left to collect 9,385 lbs. According to the www.ronpaulfooddrive.com site it only has 615 lbs. accounted for out of 10k lbs.


When you take responsibility for yourself, you are more inclined to take responsibility for others.

Freedom of choice and the right to take responsibility is so much better for us as individuals, our families, our schools, our communities than the big government mandate of "Freedom from choice and erosion of personal responsibility".

If you subsidize divorce, you're going to get more divorce
If you subsidize immigration, you're going to get more immigration...
If you punish individuals who make their own decisions, you're going to get more sheep
If you give people more responsibility...they'll be more responsible.


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