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Could a Paul /Huntsman ticket work?

Just throwing this out there. A lot of people agree with Paul and Huntsman more then any other combo. what do you guys think? would Huntsman endorse Paul when he drops out?

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hey people. I floated the idea to see your responses.

The reason I did this was because about 30 people at work over the past few days say they agree with paul and Huntsman for the most part and no one else. I do not give a rats ass about Huntsman and would only like to take his supporters. I applaud Huntsmans responses to Trump and saying no to torture.Thats all.

Not only NO, but HELL NO!

Don't take it personally, but it is not going to happen.

Please learn who the Establishment is

I recommend you read "Creature from Jekyll Island" by G Edward Griffin.

Huntsman is the Borg. He has NOTHING to offer. Why not have John Kerry as VP? To have him as Ron Paul's VP would be an open invitation for a never solved assassination. The establishment hates Ron Paul and loves a brainless member of their own, such as Huntsman.

Please. Learn what each candidate is about. I see zero attraction to Huntsman.

No No

I don't think that would help much. I think it's important to have some contrast between RP and his VP choice. Not like a war and peace contrast, but like a Kucinich(not my pick) who could get the minority and social welfare vote, but knowing full well that the welfare system cannot be sustained. There would have to be an understanding that programs would be funded, but in the beginning stages of getting phased out, something RP already wants to do and people know we need to do it.
In order to really broaden the scope of the base, I think this kind of contrast is big. If this person could also appeal in the South, that would be a big plus.

Not sure who this person may be but I do believe these are some necessary ingredients to bringing everyone under the tent.

Freedom is tolerance

NO! He's a former Federal Reserve employee.

He was the Branch Director for the San Francisco Federal Reserve bank.

At the end of the day, Huntsman will take his orders from the

globalists who put him in as ambassador to China back in the day. He may not be personally evil, like a Gingrich or to a lesser extent a Romney, but he will follow globalist handler instructions should the need arise for him to assume POTUS. It would undermine the message, the spirit, and the hard work it would have taken to get Ron Paul into the general election.

As to the election, Huntsman would have a bonus as the "most reasonable" partner and not turn off the vast majority of the squeamish/childlike population. So that much is a plus.

It sucks that this got voted down so much (-12)

the OP was just exploring an idea. Rather than just voting down, I hope people will formulate a response. That way we can pool ideas and information about the issue. Already I've learned some stuff by reading these comments.

...thinking I'd prefer

...thinking I'd prefer someone more aligned with Paul as VP...however, Huntsman is a diplomat, and very polished; Paul might interview him for Secretary of State...

I would prefer that too

but who will the rest of the people that are not as engaged in this process as we are prefer?

No, it's a silly idea.

You need someone committed to the same principles as Ron and the rest of us are. Hunstman is NOT qualified.

He'd add nothing to the ticket in any event. And RP would want someone to go forward with the cause of liberty in the event he were incapacitated. Judge Napolitano perhaps?

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

These CFR jerks

can just STFU.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."


In the general election he doesn't need a tea party person.

In the primaries he doesn't either - he just needs someone who will give mainstream legitimacy. The tea party has proved themselves more than willing to take anybody (non-Romney). Neocons don't reject Paul because of his foreign policy - they reject Paul because he's unusual and doesn't seem widely supported, and they use foreign policy as the post-hoc explanation/justification. Get some mainstream legitimacy and the tea party neocons will follow.

All this hullabaloo about CFR is silly. Sorry but conspiracies don't work because people aren't smart enough. Reality emerges from society - it isn't created by a small group of individuals.

keep hunting



Catch my vomit please

How about a freeking PAUL/PAUL TICKET?

I dont need another NEOCON VP or some stupid thread like this..



"Just throwing this out there."

Just throwing it back. :)

No it wouldn't.

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I think he would compliment

I think he would compliment Dr Paul extremely well. Successful executive experience as Governor and foreign policy experience including a wealth of experience with China. I don't necessarily view him as an "insider" but even if he is, that might not be such a bad thing when it comes time to get things done. I think he would run circles around Biden in the VP debates all while belittling him in Mandarin. If he's not the VP pick, his experience would be a very valuable asset to a Paul administration, perhaps as Secretary of State.

I have to return some videotapes...

I agree

He can offer a middle of the road appeal to so many of those that reside in that part of the political spectrum, and at least his foreign policy is on the right track. While I love Ventura for his tell it like it is attitude he is too far out there.I would prefer Johnson as the VP personally, but I think we need to lean more to the mainstream side rather than the Libertarian side in the choice of VP in order to win.

Anyone notice how much Huntsman seems to delight in taking on Romney in the debates? Almost as if it's more than just challenging the appointed front runner.

It's a dream

The only reason to include Huntsman as VP would be to increase national viability in the eyes of moderate independents who are worried Libertarianism is not realistic or compassionate.

I don't like the idea of Huntsman as VP

but I would vote for it. I would rather see Jessie Ventura as VP. Wonder who is on Paul's list of VP candidates. As long as Ron Paul selects his VP I will be happy.


think Huntsman would be secretly meeting with Neo_Cons behind the Paul administration's back. That's my opinion



Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

And, what does Huntsman have that you want?

I mean, what does he do for you? Of, what value? What record? What guarantee?

huntsman endorsement would be positive

not negative. Do I think it would happen? NO. could it? yes. Ron Paul is turning the gop on its head, some off them might jump on just for political reasons. Other then that Huntsman has nothing I want except some of his Iowa and new hampsire supporters.

Well, the more the better


But, at what cost? The '60's folk didn't uphold the Constitution only an end to the war, where are we now?

And, like the crackling record, if the owner would clean it, it may just sound better.

I really don't think it could.

Huntsman is an deep insider.

I wonder how much pressure the GOP would bring on Dr. Paul

I wonder how much pressure the GOP would bring on Dr. Paul to choose a neo-con as VP. Such as supertan Huntsman. They might leverage against him with a threat to withhold general RNC funds from the Presidential campaign unless he accept some sort of Lindsey Graham type.

That's what happened with Obama, of course. Biden was stapled to him like an old pinstripe suit to please both white Democrats who couldn't believe their Old South eyes, as well as the party insiders who severely loathed a shadowy outsider like Barack Hussein Obama stomping in their tulip patch.

Oh, and Newt told the Jews he'll guarantee global thermonuclear holocaust by giving them John Bolton as Sec. of State -- to which they howled with joy.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Huntsman is absolutely

Huntsman is absolutely reviled by conservatives.

Even liberals just like him because of his positions on evolution and global warming, which, IMO, are the common-sense positions. They diagree too strongly elsewhere.

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I think the eventual selection is obvious. Judge Napolitano

Unless he has him in mind for the Supreme Court, and if he does, Can a sitting VP be nominated for the Supreme Court?