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A total native American teaching from a part native American

First thing you gotta know is that time for you is linear, one thing happens before the next and then the next thing happens.

To us, time is circular or compressed in layers: that which has happened is still happening and that which might happen is already here. So we tend to skip around a bit when we tell stories.

One thing your concept of time does is render you as individuals and that is cool but what we see on DP is you are operating as a tribe.

Feels good don't it? You are strong as an individual but it feels good when somebody has your back right? See, as much of a self-willed activist as you are, it's nice to know you can take a sick day and know that the world isn't gonna fall apart. You know somebody has your back.

OK that's exactly what being in a tribe feels like.

Oh and are your worried about more pugnaceous people and hostility and arguments? Hey I got news for you, we, us libertarians are the most argumentative and hostile people you can't buy with money. If you can suffer just one year as a libertarian activist, being a member of a tribe is gonna be easy-peasy nice and easy. YOu have alredy done bloody intellectual battle so who's making breakfast comes as a relief.

Hey I don't want to trivialize this: you guys are warriors. From your noses to your toeses, from the time you wake up to the time you sleep and in between, hey, I come from a warrior culture and I know what warriors look like.

They look like you. And you are all I see when I look into a mirror.

That's a trick: we never had mirrors historically as natives, maybe a clear pool of water but we know what you are learning: mirrors are a trick. They only show you what you are capable of seeing. If you are miserable that's what a mirror whill show you and no amount of expensive clothes can cover up your eyes.

When you can look into a mirror and see the generations smiling and laughing and dancing, then you can see the future. And it's true. We say those who have no past have no future.

Everything in me says I should rise and recognize you, to hold you up and applaud you because you are what our eyes have seen. We have seen you and we lived through what is now known as a genocide. It was really hard and we are still smarting but my medicine is to recognize you and to say;



And I have consulted with the elders and the spirits and we say WECLOME HOME and the Earth herself would object to you removal because SHE LOVES YOU TOO.

And this is the power that works in every warrior. We say "I did not put this love in my heart, it was given".

So as of this moment, by the power invested in me by my heritage, I now name you all as Native Americans and I recognize you as part of my tribe.

As I promised by my blood people before, I promise to protect you and defend you with all of my heart and all of my strength. I offer this as my warrior vow because being a parent and a successful business man requires that you survive and thrive.

When you are a member of a tribe, you have every legitimate expectation that young warriors will fight and die for your lifestyle. Because a young warrior loves his people and his sisters and he will fight and die to preserve this and also for the honor. Young men desire honor above all and the love of their sweetie.

Elders manage love and get it. I am of an age and attainment to where I am accorded as an elder of my people. They keep giving me gifts of tobacco and booze. I like smoking and drinking and I haven't had to buy much of them for the past 8 years.

Anyways, we say you can't pick and choose our tribe and that's kind of a negative that describes how abrasive us natives can be but I just want to hold you up and put you on a pedastel and let you realize, if I could pick and choose my tribe, it would be you.

And I want you to realize you are acting like a tribe and you aren't doing that bad a job of it, you are a pretty functional tribe.

And I invite you, just for a second, just to sit down and feel the love soaking into you. Ah. That's nice. 10,000 hands are massaging your back.

Yup, now snap back into shape because our enemies don't sleep.

Know what that makes us?


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