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Obama Populist Speech Misses the Mark on these Real Issues

This is an interesting read from a fellow blogger of mine breaking down Obama's recent speech. Paul supporters will certainly find interest in his breakdown of the President's rhetoric.

Last night President Obama gave another speech dressed in his best likeness of a historical figure who history, rightfully or wrongfully, has been annointed an American hero. The Pres enjoys likening himself to such American figures in attempts to draw parallels to support his goals. From what I gathered from the speech, Obama likes the middle class and thinks it’s bad that it’s shrinking. I think the direct goal of the speech was to ensure us that the payroll tax cut should be extended while the indirect goal was to remind us that despite his actions, he’s a populist? While this speech was moving and parts of it hard to argue from a basic humanitarian standpoint, our leadership once again misses the mark on the real issues.

Like I said parts of this are spot on…

“But everybody else struggled with costs that were growing and paychecks that weren’t — and too many families found themselves racking up more and more debt just to keep up.”

Ok Barack, you’re on to something. I like where this is going…

”Now, for many years, credit cards and home equity loans papered over this harsh reality. But in 2008, the house of cards collapsed.”

….and you lost me.

Read the rest:

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