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nypd Puts Banks on Alert -Parcel Bomb Found in Tonga (why not?)


Why not? Notice how FOX puts it under "Terror-US"

How about Terrorize Us. Anything is Terrorism now. Even if this had happened on the tiny island nation of Tonga, they would be excreting in their underwear. I am so sick of this crap!

NYPD Puts Local Banks on Alert After Parcel Bomb Found in Germany

Published December 07, 2011

The New York Police Department is warning local banks to bolster mailroom security after a letter bomb was addressed to the CEO of Deutsche Bank in Germany.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/12/07/nypd-puts-local-banks-o...

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Remember when the mooninites

Remember when the mooninites from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force cartoon scared Boston into shutting down and declaring a terror alert?


They are trying to stir up crap here to make their case

that the new US, your homeland is a warzone bill, will be looked upon as justified through fear and false flags.

Look for stories here to pop up soon.

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It's because

people who know they are guilty are paranoid.

These bankers know what they did, and they know that the world is going to eventually get them for it.