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Don't underestimate the NEO-CONs

When they see the writing on the wall, that their reign is over, expect a scorched earth response. They could cause an International incident, maybe even war.

They are ruthless and cold-hearted with their thirst for power

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Hell, yeah

Absolute power corrupts absolutely...and that's all they want.

Hillary Clinton's been saying they are planning to go after Asia now:

I'm bracing myself for my neocon friends STILL arguing with me that the wars are for "fighting terrorists at home so we don't have to fight them here"... even when the war is with China.

As if China is full of al-Qaeda. I'm groaning to think of all the ridiculous lies TPTB are going to come up with to "justify" this one.

The Samson Option.

You're right.
There is no over-estimating the magnitude of their collective psychoses.
They are clearly a dangerous crowd which has shown a proclivity for violence on a massive scale.