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Doing a little bit more then we did in 2007 wont cut it

Last week in 24 degree weather , myself and wife and our 6 year old twins participated in our areas largest parade through our local ron paul meet up group. 30,000 folks cheering ,some odd herman cain shouts and otherwise a wonderful event. It dawned on me that this year just simply handing out slim jims , doing meet ups and talking with friends in person and on social media wont be enough. Doing things like the parade and the few sign bombs are defiantly going the extra mile. We need to summon up what change we have left in our couches and dollars in the drawer and make a huge push for the 16th money bomb. this election we must be willing to go way beyond our comfort zones. I believe whole heatedly that dr. paul along with all the awesome volunteers will indeed come in first in iowa and either 1st or 2nd in new hampshire. It will be a shock to the media world but it wont be to us supporters. The truth is after these first two states the real work begins as south carolina will be our first real test. Id love to hear new ways of promoting the message of liberty that has had real impact in your area thanks