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Can only registered republicans vote in the iowa caucus?

I noticed the latest CNN/Time Iowa Poll says 'Only registered Republicans can participate in the Iowa Republican presidential caucuses'. In this poll Paul is in 3rd with 17% of the vote which consist of 419 registered republican likely voters. I was under the impression that independents and democrats could vote in the Iowa caucus on January 3rd, however, CNN claims they only polled registered republicans because they are they only ones who can participate in the caucus. Can anyone confirm one way or the other? Thank you.

Read more: http://swampland.time.com/topline-results-of-nov-29-dec-6-20...


In Iowa, a total of 783 registered Republicans were interviewed by telephone including 419 likely voters. Sample was drawn from the complete list of registered Republican voters provided by the Iowa Secretary of State and weighted to reflect the statewide totals for all registered Republicans for gender, age, amount of time registered at the current address, region of the state, and population parameters of the respondents’ zip codes. Likely voters were identified based on each respondent’s stated intention to participate in the 2012 primary, interest in the campaign to date, and voting history as provided by the respondent and the Iowa Secretary of State. Only registered Republicans can participate in the Iowa Republican presidential caucuses.

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Shouldn't matter.....

In my state (Washington) you don't have to be registered to any party. There are rules on participating in both party caucuses but for you this should't matter. To be sure I would check with whomever organizes the caucuses. Furthermore, if you are going to participate (good for you) you probably should make sure that your voter registration is tied to the current district/precinct that you live in. I know that before I participate I need to update my voter ID since I moved just last year. Good luck!

Hi, I live in Iowa

and here are the facts:

You can register to vote at the door

You can register republican at the door - that is, you can switch parties at the door or sign up as republican at the door, if you are an independent. It is true that you must be a registered republican but it is very easy to be one!

People who will be 18 years old by Nov. 6, 2012 (election day) can vote in the Iowa Caucus! In other words, 17 year olds can vote if they will be 18 in the next 10 or so months.

Can you get this info out somehow? Thanks for inquiring!

Sweet Liberty


For the info! I love my fellow Ron Paul supporters. This sharing of information is why we will WIN!

I'm pretty sure...

...they can show up registered as "anything" and switch to Republican THAT night?? Either that or it is "open" and you can participate as a (D) or an (I) or (whatever letter).

Good question

I thought it was open to everyone.