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Why Doesn't Vince Vaughn Do Something?!

I Mean he's a celebrity for god sake!!! john mayer 2 or clint eastwood.... ya'll call yourselves Ron Paul supporters? anybody else agree? we have one month left guys!!!

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We just need some more exposure

juan maldonado

Don't ask for VV to do something until....

you have walked your own precinct and done voter id and have walked your neighboring precinct and turned over all the names and contact info of RP supporters you found to the campaign and then recruited 1-2 more people in other neighboring precincts to walk their precincts and helped them.

When you have 1-2 recruits with 6 total precincts walked under your belt, that would be an appropriate time to ask about what VV is doing.



Please i do my part man! but he has something i dont which is status and publicity.... i've seen video of him introducing ron but thats it!!!! you telling me, that thats all vince can do? if vince came over to you and said how can i help him what would u tell him? your fine, your doing great! no u wouldnt, right? look at chuck norris or clint eastwood 2, where are they? ppl say its becuz jews run hollywood. if thats true, i dont care anymore!!!!! lets goooooo guys, stop playing around. Freedom is something ppl have fought for for years and there worried about there careers?

juan maldonado

I saw that video

Good introduction Vince gave Ron. Appreciate it, if you're out there thanks.

do as much as you can

facebook those actors and start a discussion

Can we

We could do that? Lol

juan maldonado

General Election

We'll need the big money players if/when Ron wins the nomination. That's when it kicks in high gear.

We really don't

know what Vince has done...maybe he does a lot but does not try to advertise it. And what should he do? Give a press conference? Many people in public life prefer to keep their politics private...does not mean that they aren't donating money or helping out in some other way. I wold love to see every famous freedom lover come out for Ron but it probably is not as esay as we think.


Yeah I know and your probably right, I'm justing getting kinda nervous lol

juan maldonado

Even actors will be unemployed if our economy keeps tanking

Im just saying

An idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or government-- Ron Paul 2012

Vince is an actor. He doesn't

Vince is an actor. He doesn't need to be involved in the political world right now. He has already done quite a bit for Ron anyways as some people here have said.

vince vaughn joe rogan clint eastwood peyton hillis

anyone with a high profile who can get out message-please help

An idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or government-- Ron Paul 2012

Vince Vaughn did a lot

He wrote that endorsement for End the Fed and then introduced Ron Paul at an event a few months ago...I am embarrassed about not remembering where. Geez, I'm getting old here.

Anyway, THANK YOU to him. Note to all famous people reading this and considering helping our cause: we are not ingrates. Donations of your time and energy are appreciated.

I agree.

I would add that they are individuals like we are and are free to contribute in any way that they feel they can with their own time or finances. It's not any of my business. I think for RP supporters to try to arm twist them into doing more will really give them second thoughts about sticking their necks out in the first place for Dr. Paul.


LPAC I believe.

why rely on celebrities is the question..

better question yet, why do you even worship celebrities.. not too far away from mainstream garbage brain fest you criticize huh

They Work in Hollywood

...and probably don't want to be blacklisted.


Man up celebrities and notables! The Country's future is at stake.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

They may have done a lot more

They may have done a lot more then we know.. I've been saying the same thing... Also remember, supporting RP when your in Hollywood could be dangerous, no more scripts for Vince.. The Hollywood establishment is hard core Liberal Democrat and Jewish.. The media brainwashes people and makes RP look anti Isreal. Let the campaign heat up... I'm sure support will gear up as well. It's to early and to risky right now for any Hollywood people to throw their hat in for support IMHO.

Yeah, you'd think Snoop Dogg would be all about RP, making weed leagle and all!! HAHA!! And Lindsay Lohahn and Brittney Spears for the coke!!!


Why does it have to be like that? so jews do run the world right? lol idk its insane!!! so do you think he can win iowa? ppl keep saying,at best 2nd... man if he wins iowa everything changes man... how many votes does he need to win u think? anyway celebrites wake up, who cares about money, because your not gonna have any if mitt or newt is president lol, straight up.

juan maldonado

Yeah I think RP can win

Yeah I think RP can win Iowa.. As far as Hollywood goes, if you lived in Hollywood, and were born in Hollywood, like myself, you'd know, liberal democrats have a leg up in the industry... and "other" political views, like Ron Pauls, or any republican for that matter, is looked down upon. It's a plain fact that Jewish people are many and a close knitted network in the film industry...Are they evil?...NO... Do they have influence on their belief systems and who they choose to hire...YES!

Please take you bigoted comment, trying to pin me down as if I think "Jews run the world" bulls%it back to the gutter where it belongs!! Certin groups of people tend to mass in certin industries, and a dynamic exists. Like black people, in large, run the hip-hop music industry, or tend to be NBA professionals... It's just a fact Einstein..

Moreover, I know a lot of Mormons. Mitt Romney is Mormon.. Guess what?!!! Most Mormons are voting for Mitt Romney!! It's tribalism, not racism.. Social dynamics plays a key role in peoples decision making. Is it wrong?...Yes..evil...no..it's just the way things are.

So why don't go down to your local Mormon Church and "Scream Racism" over the Romney vote?? Go do it!! That's your way of thinking!!

Please go un-douche your mind kid!
(I say this with respect, just so you'll get the point of view friend!!)

How many to win Iowa?

Most estimates have about 100,000 people voting in Iowa, so figure 25,000 to 30,000 ought to do the trick.

The Ron Paul campaign recently announced that they have "hard commitments" from 20,000, so we're in good shape. If the turnout is high, we may need 35,000.


Really? I'm just so nervous man! I want jan.3rd to come already lol. Man if Ron Paul wins Iowa he can definitely win new hamshire or 2nd at least, we got south carolina 2 I think

juan maldonado


It will be one crazy night. But there's sooo much time between now and then. At least two debates, dozens of interviews, a HUGE money bomb, thousands of calls to make, etc.

But you're right. A win in Iowa sets the table for NH and SC, and they are winnable.


Yesss if you truly believe lets go! i just dont understand it! people have died saying the things ron paul has been saying. How abo.ut we back him up.Im not just talking vince but every body! you have status in society man, use it!

juan maldonado

Wouldn't help

Conservatives don't respond well to political advice from Hollywood actors.

I totally agree

What gives?

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

No, my friends. We are doing

No, my friends. We are doing quite well. Vince Vaughan is an ace in the hole that should stay in the hole until we need him. It's like a savings account.

Put up or shut up time. An

Put up or shut up time. An e-mail bomb to these people may be effective. Explain to them that it is good for their careers not to mention grandchildren.

It's good for MY career

For God Sake

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.