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On December 16th, Tell your representatives that you support Ron Paul and they should too!

I saw this piece in the Washington Times today about congressional endorsements:


I think we should get serious about informing our representatives (at the state and federal level) of our support for Ron Paul and that we should let them know that it's a serious issue for us that could influence our financial contributions and votes in the future.

Of course, they probably won't listen to us. However, I think if we made it a one-day bomb-like event that we might be able to carry a little more weight than we would as disparate individuals.

So why not make it a part of the 2011 tea party and december 16th money bomb? That will give us the time to compose our emails and organize support for the effort. It might also be useful to call their offices that day as well as send emails, as phone-calls will get more attention. If we could "flood" their phone-lines, we might be able to make a significant impression.

It would be ridiculously easy to do. If we make it a really big and coordinated one-day push, we could perhaps make a difference. Even if we can't get our representatives to actually endorse Ron Paul, perhaps we can make them think twice before endorsing anyone else.