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Video...1 - 2 punch today !

As RP absolutely decimated a CNN commentator today, Mr. Farage in the UK had a great follow up on BBC and did likewise !!


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That dude takes it to them lol

I've heard him before and he's great..absolutely no holding back.

If the news did their jobs, you'd see the same things happening worldwide to all of the nations concerning the loss of sovereignty.

I hope it all comes crashing down and the groups like bilderberg get snatched from their lofty seats.

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Get Nigel to Do some campaign spots for RP

To let America see that there are world supporters of Dr. Pauls ideas!

An idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or government-- Ron Paul 2012

yes!! Definitely watch...

...the video linked in the OP.

Farage is a Member of the European (Union) Parliament for Great Britain and there are plenty of his scathing speeches on the floor there @ YT. Maybe start with this one (only 3:40) from about 6 months ago where he lays out "what the EU should be" and at the end in reply to a counterpoint question concludes "I want you all fired!!" A true Liberty Warrior....


I know Ron Paul cannot immediately kick the U.N. out so it would be really nice if it were legal to appoint a Brit (Nigel) as the US's ambassador to the UN!!

Nigel Farage...

...is GREAT!! He and Lord Monckton = a toss-up for "Ron Paul of Britain" in my opinion :-)