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Interesting Article: Year of the Caucasus: Ron Paul's Secret Weapon

"Iowa insiders report that Ron Paul has the best ground-game, and even more recently reported that he may win or place second in Iowa. After Iowa comes New Hampshire's, South Carolina's, and Florida's primary elections in January. Performing well in New Hampshire will give Paul a foot ahead in the four races in early February, all caucuses, Nevada, Maine, Colorado, and Minnesota (where Paul performed well despite having such small national support in 2008). After those 4 caucuses come two primaries, one in Arizona and one in Michigan 3 weeks later, giving Paul time to capitalize on momentum from caucuses.

Following those two primaries? The Washington Caucuses, and then Super Tuesday. If Ron Paul has only twice the support he had in 2008, these caucuses could prove victory after victory for Paul, establishing a three-way race between Newt, Paul, and Romney to unfold on Super Tuesday (which has 4 caucuses itself).

If one assumed that this year would be similar to 2008, they would have overlooked the strong grouping of primaries in February. Those two weeks may unfold in the Congressman's favor."

Read more: http://technorati.com/politics/article/year-of-the-caucuses-...

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i am afraid

that if RP doesnt have a good showing in NH, SC and FL, media would announce someone to be the "nominee", just like the past 6 mths they have been announcing the "frontrunners", which btw the people keep rejecting !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

I wish Maryland had caucuses.

That is a process I would like to experience.

please correct headline...

...it's "caucuses" (and... I up-voted you)