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Woman says she performed oral sex on married Newt Gingrich

A woman who worked for Newt Gingrich’s first successful congressional campaign in 1977 is sharing allegations of an adulterous affair with her boss in an attempt to stem the rise of the current GOP front-runner.

Anne Manning says that she had an adulterous relationship with Gingrich 34 years ago. At the time, he was married to his first wife, Jackie Battley, and campaigning for Congress with the slogan “Let Our Family Represent Your Family.”

Manning told the National Inquirer that she performed a sexual act on Gingrich in a Washington, D.C. hotel room, but adds that they didn’t have sex so that “he could say he had not slept with me.”

Read more: http://thedc.com/sOY09e

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or it didn't happen.

The definition of is, is ...

He sounds more and more like the slick meister everyday

The reason

It's because he had so much love for his country.

good for him

its silly to point this out. stick to the isues..lol

I said "lick my erection, not wreck my election"

Sorry about that. Old Gary Hart/Donna Rice joke.



Very Bill Clinton-esque.

Very Bill Clinton-esque.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

Was she a member of his staff....

or did she staff his member?

I imagine his member to be

I imagine his member to be quite small. Ewwwww.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.


Let's not continue to paint mental pictures skelly....

If this ever makes a headline...

IF this ever makes a headline, Gingrich will validate the claim, and then explain that was 34 years ago and he's a much different man now.

I think the part that was

I think the part that was serviced is the same part. Not different. I cannot stand this man, what a vile hypocrit.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

She may have been the one who performed oral sex

but Newt is the one who really sucks!

This came out during the Clinton impeachment

"Youthful indiscretion" is what Newt called it at the time.

Ha, ha, ha...

...Down goes Gingrich!

Sorry to all those establishment republicans who traded one adulteror for another.

Ron Paul is going to be our next president.

That is how it's shaping up.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


This is disgusting. I need to shower my brain to forget the imagery of Jabadahut getting a bj. Completely disgusting.

I would, too, if I ever got near enough.

I'd scream "F@&K YOU, NEWT!!!!"

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

so what..

this is a ruse ...the post below points to the absurdity of this article as being relevant 35 years later its a great twist..my wife is a doctor and its a standing joke about her physical exams of men and women..gives me the willies sometimes but ..

hmmmm . . . careful. I get

hmmmm . . . careful. I get the feeling this is a distraction. Newt will handle the situation quite well, but it will give him a weeks break from being attacked on his issues. By that time the Newt supporters will be ready to ignore the issues.

It's time to move on, don't

It's time to move on, don't you think?

Newt Gingrich's Skeleton Closet

There is more at this link.


Ladies and Gentleman of the Daily Paul....

if Dr. Paul, the man we're working so hard to elect President of the United States, were reading this thread right now could he truly say, I'm Ron Paul and I approve this message??"

To resort to this kind of cheap "National Enquirer" type journalism in an attempt to discredit an opponent...however unworthy we think Newt Gingrich might be sends the wrong message to the thousands who are now coming to this site daily for information.

Mr. Gingrich will collapse under his own weight (pun intended!) of the real issues he created that are destroying this once great nation of ours.

To post this kind of nonsense here does a grave disservice to Dr. Paul and all of us who support him!!

Please think about it...

Panama expats support Ron Paul

I thought about it

And you are wrong. This is just an aggregation of news sources we are not creating the stories and searching out the victims they are coming out on their own and speaking for themselves through source independent of supporter and the campaign.

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

I beg to differ. I use the DP

I beg to differ. I use the DP as a primary news source. This is a link to the Daily Caller. StevenNelson did not break the story, but only made us here at the DP aware of it. The Daily Caller is not somewhere I'd ever visit without a link from somewhere. As a 40 yr. old technophobe, I appreciate all I get here.

I can just imagine... "It's

I can just imagine... "It's under one of these folds here somewhere."

omg. That's awesome.

omg. That's awesome.

Ron Paul's turn:

Thousands of women claim Dr. Paul looked at their private parts and his wife approved.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.




It's just an innocent game of hide the sausage...

End the Fed. End the Wars. Problems Solved. Ron Paul.

gag -- eehh -- eehh


"Like the rolling hills of the Georgia countryside, Newt slowly turned over, placing his sausagelike feet firmly on the hotel floor with a resounding smacking noise... followed by a slight gurgling, like jell-o resettling in its container."

Newt should be neutered :D That will help destroy the rolling hills of Gingrich in my mind!