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NIMROD - Newt's Individual Mandate Results in Obamacare Depression

If there is one issue that can take down Newt Gingrich in 3 weeks, this is it.

The individual healthcare mandate is the essence of Obamacare.

Small businesses will be crushed.

Businesses will have no incentive to hire more than 49 workers. Expand business? Why? It's a net loss when you factor in the extra healthcare costs. So it makes no sense whatsoever to hire more people and expand your operation.

Unemployment will only get worse, and people will be forced to pay yet another form of tax - a healthcare tax.

The IM is Newt's biggest political liability...conservative voters hate Obamacare with a passion, yet they're too stupid to know that, "their guy," is a wolf dressed in a conservative cloak.

Ron Paul has the dagger.

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