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The Young Turks part of establishment MSM?

I despise TYT. I used to watch them a lot back in 2006/2007 before I woke up. Their brand was all about telling the truth, being an alternative to the lying/corrupt mainstream media, and essentially being a maverick source of news.

But it is a joke that they hardly ever cover Ron Paul. And when they do cover him, it is in 3 minute segments, which is about 1/4th the time or even less they cover every other candidate.

Cenk and others also don't know much about Ron's positions either. They constantly get them wrong, and no matter how many people try and educate them and their listeners, they just continue to repeat the same crap about him - never correcting themselves. The only really good things I've heard them say about Ron - in the abstract, not about wars or legalizing drugs - is that he is "consistent" - but they make it sound like he's "consistently wrong" or "consistently crazy".

Hell, they still call America "a democracy", even though we are technically a constitutional republic. I've tried to tell them about this numerous times, but it still never gets corrected.

Take this new video for example:

How do they manage to talk about this subject, and mention all of these others candidates, but NEVER mention Ron Paul? Are they the new Mainstream media? I thought these guys were supposed to be independent.

I know they don't like Ron's policies - fine. But that hasn't stopped them from talking about other Republicans of which they didn't like their policies either.

Maybe they think he's crazy? That also hasn't stopped them from talking about Michelle Bachmann non-stop either.

Maybe they think he has zero chance of getting elected? Well, that hasn't stopped them from talking about Herman Cain, who they admit can't get elected. They've done dozens of videos on him. It also hasn't stopped them from mentioning guys like John Huntsman.

Seriously... there's an agenda here. There must be. Just who are they talking their orders from?

I am convinced that The Young Turks really are part of the MSM now, but perhaps they are given more wiggle room to talk about things the regular news media can't talk about to give people the impression they are "mavericks" and are about "real" news. Honestly, I just think it's another place to get people "stuck" into not looking anywhere else for actual answers.

It's either that, or they know Ron Paul has a serious chance of beating Obama compared to any other candidate, so they are helping Obama by not telling progressives about him. Maybe they fear that if progressives learned more and more about Ron Paul, they might actually vote for Ron instead - and that's something they can't have.

It is amazing how much Obama has disappointed Cenk, but let's be honest, Cenk and others on the show STILL defend Obama anyway. It is amazing after all Obama has done - deep down, they can't support someone else like Ron Paul. They actually think re-voting for a liar like Obama is better than someone of integrity and someone that tells the truth... even if they may disagree with some of his policies. Isn't it better to know what you're getting in advance than being lied to after you elected the man?

I don't care which one it is - it is dishonest, and it makes them lack serious credibility/objectivity. It makes me sick that they brand themselves as mavericks.