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Ron Paul supporters: Lets walk the talk together!

I've never, ever, ever given to a politician before this year. This is the second time I've given to the Ron Paul campaign. I would like to ask you to put your name in the blank next to my name and read this note from Ron Paul and put your money where your mouth is, too.

So far this year I've written several articles about Dr. Paul, waved signs and given financially to his candidacy and highlighted Dwayne Williams, Kathryn DeLong and Tom Dybowski and all they do for the Texas Congressman.

I would like to ask you to do the same---think about what you've done for Ron Paul's campaign, write it down, and give financially. Read the note for Ron Paul's campaign and please consider giving. Even if this is the first thing you've done. Be proud of that and write it down! It wasn't that long ago that I did my first thing for Ron Paul too.


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Good work Stephanie, Tom! We've mailed two checks recently

but will mail another one soon to Dr. Paul. Let's remember to send something to Michael Nystrom as well. Liberty and freedom in 2012!

Thank you Qwerk

Yes Qwerk let's not forget about supporting the Daily Paul.

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