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Ron Paul Campaign Announces ‘Attorneys for Ron Paul’ Nationwide Coalition

Citing his fealty to the Constitution, legal experts supporting Dr. Paul hail from Texas, Indiana, Virginia and Montana

LAKE JACKSON, Texas – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today its “Attorneys for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition to energize voters in the legal profession.

Inaugural members of “Attorneys for Ron Paul” hail from Texas, Indiana, Virginia and Montana, and include two former Law School Deans, a former U.S. Air Force JAG officer, and a former Reagan Administration official. These lawyers will serve on the coalition’s national advisory board to organize support for Ron Paul in the legal community. Statements by each attorney as well as biographical information follow.

Other lawyers joining Attorneys for Ron Paul will be announced in the near future.

“Ron Paul is a man of great moral certainty, with a keen understanding of the complexities of the financial and political systems of the United States. More importantly, he possesses a truly unique courage to not shirk from or compromise the U.S. Constitution as his unshakeable paradigm of government. Of the many men and women to have sought this office in my lifetime, I am aware of none who has shown the depth of Dr. Paul’s knowledge of the American Constitution. Nor have any demonstrated Dr. Paul’s God-given wisdom to understand and apply the Constitution to the almost countless issues that the leader of this republic must face. He is a man who deeply loves his country and his people,” said J. Mark Brewer of Houston, Texas.

“As president, Ron Paul alone has the ability to provide the constancy to lead us through perilous times with honor. At home, he would be guided by a reverence for individual rights and freedom from the economic tyranny of the Fed and its cabal of financial predators. He would stand against the barrage of attacks of the last two decades against the Bill of Rights’ guarantee of the right to trial by jury in civil cases. As a renowned physician, he would bring singular perspective to the politicization of healthcare and the ‘war on drugs’ as well as the ever-increasing federalization of public education. Abroad, he would elevate respect for peace and civility over those erstwhile clamorers for war with their shameless profiteering and hidden agendas,” he added.

“I am deeply honored to endorse Ron Paul for president of the United States of America in 2012,” said Mr. Brewer, who has more than 27 years of law practice, including four as a Judge Advocate in the U.S. Air Force. His trial experience includes more than 60 criminal and disciplinary jury trials in the Air Force and dozens of complex business litigation matters ranging from construction, insurance, surety, securities, fraud, product liability, deceptive trade practice, and professional malpractice.

Mr. Brewer also served as plaintiff’s counsel in the “Census Suit” – obtaining the only restraining order in U.S. history, enjoining criminal enforcement of the unconstitutional “long form” census questionnaire.