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Ron Paul Tops Twitter, New Pew Study Shows

From Huffington Post:

Ron Paul Tops Twitter, New Pew Study Shows

Ron Paul Wins GOP Twitter Primary, Pew Study Shows


"Pew's Project for Excellence for Journalism, in a new study analyzing more than 20 million election-related tweets from May through November, found that Paul "fared far better" than any other Republican candidate. Paul was referred to positively in 55 percent of the 1.1 million assessments about him on Twitter studied during this period. Only 15 percent of those assessments were negative, and 30 percent were neutral.

"This treatment of Paul stands in contrast to that of most of the GOP field, for whom Twitter has been a tough neighborhood," the study found. "Five of Paul's seven GOP rivals have had negative opinions on Twitter outstrip positive ones by roughly 2-1 or more.""