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Sarah Palin Interested in Who Ron Paul Will Endorse

Sarah Palin said tonight that she was interested in who Ron Paul will endorse if he does not become the nominee showing the influence Ron Paul has gotten. She also commended the Dr. for his fiscal conservative policies, which she applauded. Can someone post the video?

“He’s the one that Americans need to listen to when it comes to dealing in reality about this bankrupt path that we are on,” she said. “So Ron Paul’s endorsement — not saying he won’t get the nomination, but in case he doesn’t — who it is that he chooses to endorse will give us a clear indication of who is on the right path with domestic spending that needs to be addressed. I’m very interested in hearing what Ron Paul thinks at the end of the day.”

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Sarah Palin

Gosh ladies and gentlemen haven't we burned a ton of energy analyzing the what ifs of SP? It's like we're on a forum for The Society of American Therapists or something.

Mamma Grizzly is gonna do what she is gonna do. If It's helpful, we applaud. If it's not we just double down and work harder.

Wasn't that easy?

Palin should just focus on her endorsement....her fellow

worthless "reality tv trash"...Trump.

Palin lost all credibility,

when she got on the McCain train.

I would prefer and welcome

Tina Fey's endorsement.

To my Liberal Trolls:
"Really Don't mind if you sit this one out. Your words but a whisper, your deafness a shout. I may make you feel, but I can't make you think."
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I Think and am hopeful

I heard Mark Lavin on WABC say in passing what Sarah said. Here is my thoughts ... She will wait until after Iowa to endorse [why]. I think she knows Ron Paul will win Iowa. That's why she said she would wait. If she comes out now to endorse Paul everyone will say he won because of her. This way after Iowa she can say Ron Paul Has Proved He CAN WIN !!! On his own.

She knows the Apple does not fall far from the tree ... She endorsed Rand and must be impressed. Do you really think she has not reached out to Rand on his father or Ron himself? I don't think she is a dummy and believe that she really wants what is best for America. She must be doing research and maybe even lurking here.

I predict if Ron Paul wins Iowa ... She will endorse him.

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"I think she knows Ron Paul

"I think she knows Ron Paul will win Iowa. "

I suggest your analysis would be more impressive if it was not based on absuridities like this statement.

Nobody knows who will win Iowa. Some hope, others thinks and many may be pretty sure, but nobody knows. Certainly not Palin. I know this might sound pedantic, but I think it's important to recognize and appreciate the true and substantial unknowns that are at play in this process, and not to say things that imply otherwise.

Now, maybe you meant to say Palin believes Paul is likely to win, or something to that effect?

But the rest of your logic depends her actually knowing, doesn't it?

After all, if she doesn't know, but is genuinely a supporter, and believes her endorsement can only help, she would be risking no helping when it's most important to help him.

Occam's razor suggests she really doesn't have a strong favorite right now, and really wants to see what the actual elect-ability is of the candidates.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


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I Think

Palin will endorse Dr Paul but not until after he wins Iowa and get a strong finish in NH.
Face it folks, We want a Palin endorsement. That will get her tea party supporters leaning Paul's direction and Fox loves her. Think of all the free, positive advertising that will ensue (unless they black her out).

I think he would need to

I think he would need to sweep IA and NH to get a Palin endorsement. She's going to see how things come out in the wash.

I don't know...

...she is a guest to be a critic and the segment before she introduced her thoughts on Paul was about Gingrich and that was not positive for Gingrich -what-so-ever-. If she had talked that way about Paul I would say we don't have a chance. She knows a good deal of her followers are headed towards Gingrich... and that is true, true, and more true. She made it plain that she would --never endorse someone who is not representing the Tea Party platform--. She made it plain he was an insider, not an outsider. She said she is looking for someone who will fight for reform by the Tea Party platform and so far that isn't Newt. She even stressed Pauls/our mantra "FED UP" while dissing Newt. She made the point to bring up Paul. She highlighted his economics while she said she doesn't agree with his foreign policy (not surprised). But, she insisted over and again IF he doesn't get the nod who would he endorse based on economics and Tea platform? She knows darn good and well he will not endorse any of them because none of them have his economic agenda. She leads her followers to look and see that not one of the others compare to Paul on this... yet with her job as a critic as guest. She made it clear she will not endorse until after Iowa and I firmly believe and have no doubt she will NOT endorse Newt and likely not Romney based on this interview. Not a chance. It will either be Bachman, Santorum or Paul.
Regardless of how I feel about her own fight for TP platform her endorsement would be a big boost as she has many supporters. I personally come away from this interview not knowing which of the three she will go for.

Ron Paul

could care less about a Palin endorsement...palin is a media whore running for nothing. Ron Paul is a statesman running for President and doing very well despite the tactics being used against him. I hope they ask him about a Plain endorsement..I am sure he will say basically "I could care less about a Palin endorsement"....of course he will say it nicely and with tact. I won't. Screw Palin.

u said it matey

let her freeze not only her ass off but mouth as well

Thy sure do like her in the

Thy sure do like her in the media.

"If you get any footage of Sarah Palin, send it. You can keep the Ron Paul stuff. Heh heh heh."
CNN Douchebag anchor dude.

Comments like this are nothing new to Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has skin of leather, hardened from many years of being needled. His resove has also been refined. He now knows he's playing from a position of strength, and doens't need to cave in to anybody. They're all very interested in being nice to Ron Paul now. Why? His 20% of the vote is rock solid, and even if he were not to win the nomination, his 20% is the real deal maker for somebody. Sure, they wonder about Ron Paul, it's about time!

alan laney

Palin's Resume

Palin's Resume:
Limelight whore, Reality TV star, Cowardly hunter, Job Quitter, Two-faced opportunist, Brief Kissinger mentoree, Warmonger, and overall Embarassment to her sex, party and species. Who gives a crap what she thinks?


...is probably the most incriminating title here. She left Alaska high & dry caring nothing about its 700,000+ citizens who put her in office with their money to represent them.

If she can't commit to 700,000 of her own Alaskans do you think she will pay attention to the 300 million + of the republic?

No way, no credibility with me.

Jesse Ventura said it best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VPASAo2FUQ

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

this is the quote I'm hearing

“He’s the one that Americans need to listen to when it comes to dealing in reality about this bankrupt path that we are on,” she said. “So Ron Paul’s endorsement — not saying he won’t get the nomination, but in case he doesn’t — who it is that he chooses to endorse will give us a clear indication of who is on the right path with domestic spending that needs to be addressed. I’m very interested in hearing what Ron Paul thinks at the end of the day.”

She is an opportunist, but this sounds more positive than negative to me and she did say twice "if he doesn't get the nomination".

It's highly disrespectful to ask a candidate while they're

running "Who will you endorse?"

It's an attempt to marginalize him, yet again.. Nothing positive about it.. More like passive aggressive attack.

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I won't argue your point

you may very well be right. Personally I'm not sure I'd even want her to endorse him even if it helped.

Personally I dont think we should give her...

The time of day, that being said, she has followers and they are looking for direction from her, personally if she took a stand and supported Ron instead of waiting for a guaranteed winner I would have a bit more respect for her. Otherwise she is just like the rest of them, cowards.

that does clear things up a bit

thanks... It's nice to know that Palin cares about what Dr. Paul thinks even tho she hopes someone else gets the nomination... I suspect, however, that she wouldn't like the answer since it wouldn't be any of the clones who share the stage with him during the debates....

oh I seriously doubt

she would endorse him, but being the opportunist she is, if he wins Iowa and gains traction she might jump on the bandwagon once she feels doing so won't damage her brand


all she is doing now is hedging her bets...

Reminded of a video someone shared here

The difference between a man and a woman..

One of 'em being: a woman speaks before she thinks..

Very premature: out-of-line, out-of-place..

was this video

meant to be about jazz for cows? i mean, it's a cute video and the horn players are really good, but what's it got to do with men and women? :)

Sarah Palin

Since this was a humor thread, I thought it would fit. No offense towards the poster, share-on.

~use to hate subtle amusement but it has a role.

Who would Ron Paul Endorse???

I never thought Ron Paul would endorse anyone... Didn't he avoid endorsing anyone last election????

He endorsed Chuck Baldwin in 2008

He endorsed Chuck Baldwin in 2008 according to this article


If he feels it necessary to endorse anyone it's a guarantee it'll be a third party.

Palin an opportunist

She will endorse whoever seems guaranteed to win... so she can perpetuate her brand and remain on the speaking circuit. She never intended to run for President. Her money-making brand would have been permanently damaged.

She will not help us win, we need to win. The campaign is right on track: Iowa to New Hampshire and then drive through the entire primary process without quitting. If the Dr needs $1 million we give it to him in one day.

They can't stop the momentum & they can't turn off the funding machine. The formula is persistence & consistency.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo


if Ron Paul SHOULD consider someone of a more "evangelical" persuasion such as Santorum, Shellie, or ummmmm... perhaps... MYSELF! I MIGHT consider throwing him some support....

oops! I thought she meant for VP... oh well, keep that on file...


Are you sure you are on the right website? Or was that sarcasm?

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.